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Tahseen Aviation Services Relaunches Services for the New Normal

2022-06-26 10:47:02 Miscellaneous


Dubai, UAE - April 28, 2022. Tahseen Aviation Services successfully relaunched all its services for the post-pandemic period. Tahseen is one of the few remaining aviation companies that are operational, and it is committed to reviving the ailing aviation industry. The company has specialized in aviation consulting for startups and struggling airlines. It has been advising and consulting with regard to establishment and launch of new airlines in Africa and the Middle East since 2008 as well as helped save struggling airlines and brought them back to profit. This experience has been a great asset in advising their new clients with handling the impact of the pandemic that hit the industry hard helping them restructure and lower their operation costs, find better aircraft deals (ACMIs), optimize their financials to withstand the global pandemic. Though the company doesn’t offer aircraft maintenance, it offers consulting, management, operations and maintenance consulting. The company is well-prepared to meet this demand and looks forward to serving its clients during these difficult times. Tahseen’s air charter services has adapted to the "new-normal" through growing their pool of aircraft and securing the management of and direct access to aircraft that best serve the changed/new demand in the market. The company has added several aircraft from a b737-400 for 162 passengers, a Fokker 50 for 58 passengers down to a hawker 800 for 8 passengers to cater to the increased demand and wider range of requests.

Having been paralyzed by the global pandemic, all of the hospitality industry including the air travel industry has to endure months of no operation. This made a dent not just in the financial well-being of companies but also to the livelihood of many people who solely depended on this industry. Now that countries already embraced getting back to normal, relaxing their respective health protocols, and opening their borders for tourism and travel, the light at the end of the tunnel, so they say, is brightly shining - a signal that the future is bright for the industry and all the people within it.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, and the aviation industry is no exception. However, Tahseen Aviation Services is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service in these challenging times. We have relaunched all our services in preparation for the post-pandemic period, and we are confident that we can provide an exceptional flying experience for all our clients. With our years of experience and top-of-the-line aircraft consultancy services, we are confident that we can help revive the aviation industry and provide much-needed relief to those who need it,” the company announced.

Tahseen Aviation Services has long been preparing for this moment and even during the course of this pandemic, the company still strived hard to provide quality charter services especially cargo transport to ramp up delivery of important goods within its area of operation. The endeavors during this period helped prepare the company to be prepared even post-pandemic with all protocols still being enforced for the safety not just of its clients but foremost of its employees.

As part of the preparation, Tahseen Aviation Services is doing a revamp in their online presence beginning with a redesign of their website. This will help improve their online presence and traction. All marketing efforts are also being recalibrated to fit the demands of current and prospect clients.

Tahseen Aviation Services is a Dubai-based aircraft maintenance consultant, private jet charter service provider, & air cargo service provider that has presence in Europe & the Middle East.

About Tahseen Aviation Services
Tahseen Aviation Services is a Dubai-based aircraft maintenance consultant, private jet charter service provider, & air cargo service provider that has presence in Europe & the Middle East.
For more information, visit its website at or call +971 56 991 4133.

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