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NobleSpirit Announces First of its kind Catalogue Auction for Coins

2022-06-29 03:03:28 Art & Entertainment


Pittsfield, N.H., April 27th, 2022: NobleSpirit, a leading innovative company in collectibles, today announced the launch of its first ever traditional auction catalogue experience for coins on eBay.

After years of development, this previously un-imagined functionality is now finally available for NobleSpirit auctions taking place on eBay.
Since the inaugural Denver First Day Cover collection in Sept, 2021, there have been 7 consecutive philatelic catalogue auction sales in the world of stamps and postal history.

Developed by technicians at

"This is a remarkable new catalogue experience touching all the most important primary points of acquisition and retention that comprise informed buying decisions," said Joe Cortese, President at "Lead time is a pivotal factor that makes all the difference between success and failure. Healthy margins and fluid conversion turnover rates rely on material exposure over time. The catalogue experience is a sophisticated delivery system that ensures the fundamental discovery, research, planning stages in the buying process at higher price point levels and specialized markets."

"Our mission was to construct a very precisely focused environment that could guarantee a direct on-ramp for every market sector that deploys traditional catalogue auction models. Merchants can now sell like never before, as they have in their established business for decades," said Michael Cortese, Vice President at NobleSpirit.

With perceived economic and geo-political instability contributing considerable attention to already established high levels of popularity and scarcity of silver and bullion, "The Silver Coin Treasure Trove Collection" - A single New England estate will be most welcome by both coin aficionados and speculative investors alike. This outstanding hoard is comprised of thousands (1,000's) of US, Canadian and World Wide silver coins. With quantities far in excess of the capability of a single event, the collection will be sold in a minimum of three or more parts.

The Silver Coin Treasure Trove Collection {Part 1}
- Goes live on eBay May 1st - 4th
- Bidding Ends on eBay on May 11th-14th

About NobleSpirit
NobleSpirit is a leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay. 50 years in the business of stamps and coins, NobleSpirit has sold over 400,000 stamps on eBay since 1998, with over 50-60,000 stamps per year to over 84 countries world wide, as eBay's exclusive consignment seller for stamps. NobleSpirit is also the parent company of Stamp Market Index powered by exclusive agreement with eBay to provide a first of its kind tool and resource with data never previously available. NobleSpirit is also parent company of UseMeridian, fully integrated consignment and marketplace management.

Claire Cortese
NobleSpirit Marketing Director

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User :- Joe Cortese


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