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Author Morgane Dahrup-Andersson Releases Bilingual Children's Book "The Magical Closet Tome 1: The Faraway Friend"

2022-06-29 10:45:36 Art & Entertainment


The book is a bilingual illustrated children's book for children ages 3-7 years. Children can learn  new languages faster and improve their empathy through engaging stories of The Magical Closet book series. 

Children's book author, Morgane Dahrup-Andersson, has announced an entertaining children's book titled "The Magical Closet Tome 1: The Faraway Friend".  The Magical Closet is a bilingual book of a total of 15 tomes. Children will be taken on the magical journey of Arthur, the main character of this book’s story. The story begins when a little girl comes out of Arthur's closet. He finds that his closet was magical, and he wonders in his mind how a little girl appeared from the closet. The problem started when the girl didn't speak the same language. She speaks French, and they become friends. They spoke many languages, and new adventures arose.

Morgane Dahrup-Andersson, author of the book, explains," I'm pleased to introduce my first book of The Magical Closet series. The book has a fun and enjoyable story for children about self-confidence, friendship, motivation, and more. I hope readers of my books, especially children, can enjoy reading The Magical Closet series with their parents, teachers, or grandparents. More The Magical Closet series titles are coming soon." 

In this first book, The Faraway Friend. Tome 1: Learning Greetings and Introduction, children will learn French basics, and they can easily improve their French vocabulary with their loved ones. This 34 pages colourful illustrated book is suitable for children aged 3-7 years. Children can learn new languages through engaging stories and attractive characters. In addition to learning a new language, children are also introduced to various objects such as vehicles, colours, food, clothes, etc. Learning a new language at a young age provides many benefits. Children can develop creativity, empathy, health, improve their knowledge and self-confidence, get higher career opportunities and more.  

"I love this book. It has a beautiful story that celebrates friendship and the joy of learning about people and languages. Well written and well illustrated!" Said a happy The Magical Closet reader.

About the author

Morgane Dahrup-Andersson is a French writer and teacher. Morgane, originally from Bretagne, now lives with her little trilingual family in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a passion for languages and words. Currently, she teaches French to children and adults around the world online. Morgane's new book, "The Magical Closet Tome 1: The Faraway Friend" is available on all Amazon stores. For more information, please visit

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