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MultiFit Gym invites all to celebrate Earth Day with a Swedish activity ‘Plogging’

2022-06-29 07:27:58 Miscellaneous


This Earth Day, join MultiFit chain of gyms across India, UAE & UK as they celebrate this special occasion with a unique and fun activity ‘Plogging’. Before you rush through several ideas trying to find out what exactly is ‘plogging’, let us break it down for you. Plogging is a term derived from the Swedish term ‘Plocka upp’ which means ‘pick up’. Plogging is essentially a combination of jogging and picking up trash on the way. An activity that originated in Sweden has recently spread like wild fire among environment enthusiasts and athletes. This wellness club is popular for its holistic approach towards fitness- physical as well as mental well-being. As they host their very first Plogathon to raise more awareness towards fitness and motivate people towards sustainable living, join them this Earth Day for a fun activity! While fitness is the core of what they do, giving back to the planet is also something that is close to their heart.

What better way to combine two activities that not only ensure you incorporate a workout for the day but also contribute towards making the planet a better place to live. There are several health benefits to plogging. Studies have at times and again proved the numerous benefits of exercising. Our lifestyle over the years has changed drastically, and with that our stress levels are at a constant high. A simple jog helps release the happy hormones ‘endorphins’, which boost the mood and also help to alleviate stress. Plogging also helps boost heart rate. Cardiovascular health can be a contributing factor to longevity. Plogging is a form of aerobic exercise that can help boost your heart health, improve endurance, enhance bone and muscle health and benefit overall well-being. This activity is not limited to a single of exercise, i.e, jogging, but also incorporates several other movements such as squatting, stretching, etc. as one has to bend to pick up trash/waste on the go. Last but not the least, what sets plogging apart from all other forms of exercises is that it ensures we all do our bit in taking care of our surrounding/environment.

By clearing clutter while you are on the move, you are looking after your health as well the environment. It doesn’t get better, does it! “At MultiFit we encourage all our members to practice sustainable living as much as possible. The environmental crisis that we are facing as a population is something that needs immediate attention and while there are organisations doing the needful, we as individuals should also do our bit in whatever way possible. This Earth Day we as a team were keen to take on an activity that would incorporate both fitness as well as giving back to nature. Plogging came across the best activity! We are excited to see how it turns out!” says, Shaleen Gupta, COO, MultiFit.

Taking all the necessary steps to protect the environment in whatever way possible is the need of the hour and MultiFit is surely doing their bit this Earth Day, [April 22, 2022] to make the planet a better place for all. After all, we got only one planet to live so let’s do our best and adapt the sustainable living approach!

User :- Kritika Arora Gera


Mobile:- +91-9650433272


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