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Renowned Company Shares 2 Secretes about Developing Mobile Apps

2022-06-29 08:20:20 Miscellaneous


30th March, Kolkata: “Importance of mobile apps to further your business’s growth and popularity cannot be stressed enough. With bumper increase in smartphone sales, mobile apps have now become integral to people’s daily life. They have proved their role in every aspect from promoting brand awareness to generating more sales and will continue to rule the mobile platforms in the upcoming years”, said the spokesperson of a renowned mobile app development company Kolkata at yesterday’s event.

“A growing number of business owners, decision makers and executives now understand it well how mobile apps can take their progress miles ahead of others who are yet to develop mobile-friendly apps. Many of them already have a clear picture of app in their mind but no idea about how to get started”, he added.He then explained the process of mobile app development and shared2 simple tips vital to transform your ideas into a successful reality.

“It sounds most pragmatic to define your goals. But you’ll be surprised to know that many businesses skip the obvious primary step or rush through the decisions. Don’t follow their footsteps.

Get a clear picture of why you want to create an app. What is it supposed to offer? Do you want to address the customers’ pain points? Will it be for mass downloads? Or, are you interested in building an internal app for your in-house staff only?

If asked, most business owners start parroting the same line, “we want to get more contacts and sales through it” or “our goal is to serve customers differently”. These are vague ideas and not inclusive enough to address the obvious question “HOW”.

The purpose of making the app is the building block of the process to follow. Don’t ignore; otherwise your app will serve little or no purpose at all”.

The delegates from several top-tier app development companies in Kolkata participated in the event. A senior developer from the host company graced the stage. He put forth his view on the subject. “After you have identified you goal, go ahead to assess your budget.Talk to your CFO and controller and decide a reasonable budget that you can comfortably afford for app development.

The estimate should factor in some essential considerations about how much the app will improve your ROI or affect internal overhead cost. Your HR expenses are most likely to go down but app maintenance will be a new addition to your overhead expenses.

Common app development costs include the followings:
? App designers
? sApp developers
? Servers and architecture
? Backend infrastructure
? Hosting expenses
? Maintenance

In addition, you will also need to consider app marketing and user acquisition costs.

What about the timeline? In some cases, you may be in a rush whereas in other scenarios, you will have plenty of time for development. Your budget assessment and time deadline will send a message to your designers and developers and they will take care of the process to meet both”.
The event was a grand success.
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