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MSM Reaches Over 1,000 Partner Institutions, Campuses, and 125,000 Student Applications

2022-06-23 11:15:58 Education


M Square Media (MSM), an international education service company, has reached another important milestone since its founding in 2012.

As of April 2022, it has partnered with over 1,000 institutions and campuses across 36 countries with its MSM Global Marketing Office (GMO) and In-Country Office model, and Student Recruitment Solutions (through global recruitment platform MSM Unify).

Additionally, MSM has processed over 125,000 student applications during its 10 years active in the international education industry.

“This decade has been very fruitful and exciting for our company. Our innovation and progress is evidence of our dedication in bringing the MSM brand of service to our stakeholders in different parts of the world,” said Sanjay Laul, CEO and Founder of MSM.

As the world dealt with the ‘great disruption’ during the pandemic, the international education sector was forced to look for innovative solutions in order to adapt, push on and thrive.

One organization—MSM—was at the forefront of it all, enabling institutions, students and agents to continue despite border closures, student mobility and adverse economic conditions.

More than two years later, with the borders opening, it is determined to support the industry to get back on its feet.

Over the years, the International Education sector has grew across the world, primarily due to following reasons:

There has been greater awareness amongst students.
There are more scholarships available for international students, fee waivers and International departments have never been so active.
There are opportunities for students to have work experience during their studies in some countries, some countries also offer post-study settlement options for international students.
The embassies, high commissions of various countries are all very active in promoting their countries and the study options for the students.
In the post-pandemic era, it is observed that International Education has already started bouncing back.

With borders for Canada, UK and USA now open, the numbers have been flowing in from the later half of 2021 and have continued to flourish.

On the other hand, Australia just announced the opening of borders and started attracting good numbers.

According to the buzz within the industry and media reports, New Zealand is expected to open borders for International students by the end of 2022.

“The industry was hit hard during the time of COVID-19 but now in 2022, we do see a rebound of international students back on campus, with the opening of borders, and intensive vaccination drives. The energy of students wanting to study abroad has not lessened; in fact it has only increased,” said Suneetha Qureshi, President, MSM.

There have been certain uncertainties in a few parts of the world, which do affect the market.

Geo-political relationships between the countries play a major role in the student’s decision-making when choosing the destination.

However, Qureshi is optimistic about the overall scenario and says, “This gives an opportunity to the institutions and recruitment organizations to look at other markets and newer geographies.”

International education industry is expected to grow at 20% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), overall demand outlook for international education resonating with the projected growth momentum worldwide as students applying for education abroad are expected to witness an uptick.

MSM having 1,000 plus institution tie-ups will definitely add leverage for international students to zero in on their options.

Overall global scenario and existing demand-supply equations are expected to fuel the growth trajectories for MSM and the company’s key stakeholders including institutions, students and agents.

Canada-based MSM is a leading provider of full-service international education solutions for educational institutions around the world. It envisions to make education accessible to students everywhere through collaborative partnerships, sustainable solutions, process and technology innovation, and an unrelenting customer-centric focus.

Meanwhile, MSM Unify is a student recruitment and marketing platform that connects partner schools to top-tier agents and their students worldwide. Its goal is to make student recruitment easier, faster, and simpler, streamlining, and invigorating recruitment efforts to reach greater results.

“We are honored and looking forward to reinforcing the vision of making education accessible to students everywhere as we share our expertise, guidance and mentorship with international students, institutional partners and education agents,” added Laul.

For the latest news and updates on MSM, visit or follow MSM on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels.

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