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Ucanji - an innovative online skill learning platform crosses 1 million users in just one year

2022-06-29 09:42:04 Miscellaneous


India, 29 March 2022: A major made-in-India online dance learning platform that offers creative solutions to improve people's lives through dance, Ucanji has achieved one million users from India and around the world. This has come in less than a year after the dance learning platform was made available to the general public. Since then, the site has grown to over a million subscribers.

Launched in March 2021, this distinctive browser-based platform is aimed at the holistic development of people, through making skill learning accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for “anyone, anywhere, & anytime”.

Ucanji has grown threefold at a breakneck speed, with one million-plus users hailing from 34 countries and 243 Indian cities. More than 1000 dance videos ranging over 17 different dance styles have been created by 50+ partners across the globe on this world's leading skill learning platform.

Divanshi Gupta, Founder, Ucanji, commented, “I want to express utmost gratitude for this overwhelming response. Crossing one million is something I never imagined achieving within a year. We, at the organization, are tremendously delighted to have reached this incredible one million milestone, which we could not have accomplished without the help of our learners and partners. Thanks to all our Ucanji participants who strive to achieve their goals, as well as our partners who helped us design captivating courses that drew millions of dance enthusiasts. We are collectively reinventing learning skills by making them affordable and accessible to "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime."

Since the inception of the platform, it has attracted users from tier II, III, and beyond because of its affordable and accessible model. To make online skill learning more feasible, Ucanji has introduced mirror screen and see-yourself features in its web-based platform. The mirror screen function enables students to mimic the motions, steps, and movements of the choreographer. Another feature is see-yourself, which allows students to view themselves while they dance.

Ucanji has taken a new initiative for its learners. To keep them ahead of any competition, the skill learning platform has also started uploading trending dance choreographies.

Ucanji is ready for the future after surpassing one million users. The made-in-India skill learning platform intends to integrate an AI-based skill learning journey. The objective is to provide opportunities for dance learners to engage in real-time interaction and customized learning, allowing the student to follow their heart's desire, at their own pace, in their own time.

About Ucanji

Ucanji - A leading skill learning platform launched in March 2021 is a one-stop solution accessible and available to all. This platform ensures that learners have a range of skills to explore and likewise choose what suits them the best. We at Ucanji, encourage learners of all age groups to learn dance at the comfort of their homes. Alongside this, we have 14+ dance styles including 70+ courses and 1000+ videos. Ucanji has well-curated courses. In collaboration with more than fifty certified artists. This online skill development platform has an active user base of 7 lakh people.

Ucanji is designed on similar lines to Netflix. Further, it can be said, this platform is a Netflix of learning - pay once a month and binge on unlimited courses. When we say ourselves a leading skill learning platform; we emphasize coming up with more such extracurricular skills other than dance with which our users can have holistic growth. By making skill learning accessible, we are stepping towards nurturing the minds of students from any economic strata.

User :- Ankita Dey


Mobile:- 8210647584


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