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Introducing "Dizzle" A New Black Owned Liqueur Brand Positioned To Take Over The Whole Summer

2022-06-29 10:16:44 Art & Entertainment


"Dizzle" is a US Island-Flavor Liqueur Brand Created And founded by celebrity barber & restaurateur Myke Dizzle who recently entered into a partnership collaboration with two industry entrepreneurs, Livio Harris and Chris Roker. The company expanded its product distribution to eight U.S. States And Counting.

Dizzle is on pace to being America's Premium Liqueur brand, Dizzle Brand is pleased to announce that its liqueur products will be available in various states in the U.S. also the Countries of Africa, Brazil, and Jamaica.  Dizzle liqueur is known for its unique island flavor, its products are currently  available in some stores in California, Kansas, and up next Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Vegas. In the near future, Dizzle Brand Premium Liqueur will also be available in Atlanta Georgia, Missouri, New York and D.C. A Dizzle Brand store representative explained, “We are pleased to announce that the Dizzle Liqueur will be extending across the U.S.,You will soon be able to enjoy our Original/Premium Liqueur in your hometown stores. Join our mailing list now to get the latest news from Dizzle Brand.”

About Dizzlebrand 

Dizzle Brand symbolizes luxury and the highest quality of an irresistible liqueur with cocktail tasting vibes.  Dizzle is known for its tailor-made liqueur blend that enlivens parties and gatherings. Dizzle Brand founder, Myke Dizzle created Dizzle 21 Years ago - (2001) from his backyard boogies, then fast forward 10 years later, Dizzle was tested and sold in Myke Dizzle and Tyrei Lacy's GS Sports Bar, Restaurant, and Lounge, at which time Dizzle became the number one Signature cocktail drink in the bar for 10 additional Years, then in 2021 it was decided by Myke Dizzle and partners Livio Harris, and Chris Roker as the perfect time to launch Dizzle from the bar to the bottle. 

WE INTRODUCE TO YOU "DIZZLE LIQUEUR" - it features a unique blend of tropical island flavors such as a mango margarita taste, fresh citrus notes of orange and lemon, with the luxury and integrity of a French cognac and Premium agave tequila. 

“DIZZLE Liqueur tastes great on ice, with any premium mango Margarita mix, or your favorite mixer” said a Dizzle Brand representative. 

In addition to all the above, Dizzle Brand provides a variety of recipes which allows you to create your own signature Dizzle cocktails in your own home, or your local Restaurants, Bars, and Lounges, here are a few of our signature drinks below; "DIZZLE ON ICE", "DIZZLE RED BOTTOM", "DIZZLE SANGRIA", "DIZZLE ON THE BEACH", "DIZZLE MANGO TANGO", "DIZZLE OCEANA BLUE", "DAM"-(DIZZLE APPLE MARTINI), "DIZZLE MIMOSA", "DIZZLE LOCO", "DIZZLE STRAWBERRY SKIES", and "DIZZLE SOUR POWER". DO YOU DIZZLE???


For more information about Dizzle, Dizzle Brand LLC, and more of our recipes, please visit our official website at

Contacts: Dizzle Brand LLC

Myke Dizzle-CEO

Livio Harris-President 

Chris Roker-Vice-President 

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