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Free Health checkup camp organized by BLK-Max Hospital in Aligarh

2022-12-05 11:26:25 Health and Fitness


Aligarh, 29th March, 2022: In an endeavor to bring awareness about the importance of regular health checkups, BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi organized a Multi-specialty Mega Health Camp in association with the city-based Shekhar Saraf Memorial Hospital, today. The health camp was organized at Shekhar Saraf Memorial Hospital, Agra Road, Lodhi Puram Colony, Sasni Gate, Aligarh, witnessing a huge participation of over 100, who were benefitted with the consultation, medical services, and tests.

The attendees were offered medical consultation by Senior Doctors of BLK-Max Hospital, New Delhi which included Cardiologists, Orthopedics and Urologists. Doctors who gave consultations from BLK-Max Hospital included Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman & HOD-Cardiology, Dr YPS Rana, Senior Consultant – Urology & Renal transplant, and Dr Bhupendra Pratap Bharti, Consultant-Orthopedics Spine surgery.

Doctors from BLK-Max Hospital also runs their monthly multispecialty OPD services at Shekhar Saraf Memorial hospital, providing the local residents an added benefit of availing the best in class consultations from the experts in their region without the hassle of travelling to metro cities.

The main motive of the camp was to encourage people to opt for their regular screenings. In the camp, due importance was given to different medical ailments, its diagnosis, treatment and intervention. This camp is one of such events where the senior doctors of different specialties offered free consultation on diseases and ailments pertaining to the overall health.

Free Blood Pressure Checkup and Blood sugar services were offered to the participants, to create awareness about various health issues with the increasing age and stressful lifestyle. Other tests including ECG, Echo Screening Uroflowmetry, and Bone Mineral Density were also conducted on doctor’s recommendation. People often ignore their health and do not take proper diet, to monitor this, their height, weight and overall fitness was also screened to give them proper consultation.

“Pertaining to poor and sedentary lifestyle, rise in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is one of the most alarming non-communicable diseases, causing a high rate of mortality in the country. While most of the Indian population is still unaware about the symptoms of a heart attack, through such public events we would like to take the opportunity to spread awareness on the same. The aim of this event is to make people understand the ways to prevent and survive a heart attack, while healthy diet is one of the main aspects in this, walking, exercising and regular physical activity boosts and keeps your heart healthy.” Said Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman & HOD-Cardiology

“Due to changing lifestyle and an increased prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure in population of Aligarh and neighboring cities, the number of patients suffering from kidney diseases has increased significantly over the past few years. This is a reason for increase in the number of patients on dialysis. To ensure healthy Kidney functioning, it is essential to diagnose the disease on time and to take necessary preventive measures. If one notices swelling on the face or feet, pain in the pelvis, pain or a burning sensation while urinating, a frequent need to urinate, frothy urine these may be symptoms of nephritis. It is appealed to not to ignore these signs and consult the doctor in case any of the symptoms are noticed.” Said Dr YPS Rana, Senior Consultant – Urology & Renal transplant

“Our main aim is to educate people on how to live a healthy life. If people are aware of the symptoms of a disease and realize the importance of early detection, half the battle is won. Joint pain and knee problems are very common amongst Indians and the most worrying aspect is our ignorance towards musculoskeletal problems. These problems are correlated with other health aspects such as body weight, lowered calcium intake, bone density etc and the incidents can be checked or delayed with early detection and lifestyle modifications. The need of the hour is to identify the cause of such conditions and work towards offering holistic solutions for long term healing and recovery.” Said Dr Bhupendra Pratap Bharti, Consultant-Orthopedics Spine surgery

Such camps and health sessions help the people to receive consultations from the best experts in the medicine field.

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