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ARI Retail POS Software Announces its Latest Release ARI 1.30

2022-05-25 10:03:53 Business


ARI announced the release of 1.30, an updated version of their web and POS software. This version aims to enhance user experience.
Compared to the earlier ARI version, 1.30 has more customization options for reports & filters while offering ease of use and enhanced performance. ARI understands that every business is unique (even within the same industry) & that is why this version also focuses on customization.
As per the statement by the senior marketing manager at ARI – Retail businesses require a lot of resources to sustain cut-throat competition & time is a luxury they cannot afford. ARI 1.30 has new dropdowns & filters that provide retailers with valuable information to manage inventory, sales, promotions, change product prices and much more.

New Improvements in ARI – Web Version 1.30
1. Dynamic field selection – Using the dynamic field selection feature, retailers can add new fields to the stock valuation inquiry, product inquiry, walk in customer inquiry to find additional information.

2. Without print template – Get non-printable reports with more headers and columns which can be downloaded to Excel & other formats.

3. Product characteristics filter - Facilitate easy entry, increase/decrease the prices of products within a certain category, ensuring that all store employees are on the same page.

4. Stock analysis report – With this feature, you can filter and view stock levels by batch number or the overall stock report. Hence, you can reduce stockouts & inventory wastage while availing better prices from vendors & suppliers.

5. Sales analysis summary – Under the sales reports section, we have enabled a new dropdown by the name – Sales analysis summary report by grouping for you to see category-wise sales figures.

6. Speed issue resolved – Processing was quite slow while generating tax analysis & sales analysis reports, this issue has been resolved with the ARI’s 1.30 version.

7. Automatic batch selection – Sell from a particular batch/lot or the nearest expiry data. No need to manually select items if stock is less in one batch, the system will automatically select items from the next one.

Want to know more about how these updates can benefit your retail store business? Schedule a consultation or opt for a free trial.

About ARI

ARI is a premium retail management system with intuitive features that can take your business to the next level. ARI’s retail POS can be applied to different sectors within the retail industry like jewelry, pharmacy, fashion retail, furniture, etc.
Bearing in mind the customization requirements of businesses and the changing business environment post-Covid, ARI POS is making constant improvements and changes to its solutions.
What are ARI POS’s key highlights?
· Real-time flexibility
· Scalability
· Automation options
· Inventory management
· Multi-store management
ARI POS can help retail businesses experience steady growth while simplifying operations. Most importantly, ARI is ideal for multi-chain stores because it enables easy stock movement & effective communication.

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