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LycaFox Pack led by two women announces NFT launch to Solana

2022-05-28 02:33:36 Art & Entertainment


LycaFox Pack is a collection of 11,111 randomly generated unique ‘Like a Fox’ characters co-founded and led by two women who wanted to bring their creative flair, life purpose, and love for community to the NFT verse.
The collection depicts the fox known to many as the ‘spirit animal’ which throughout the ages has been documented in mythology and folklore of many cultures. We have brought together some of the different packs of foxes from around the world including Red Fox, Fennec, and Arctic Fox. Each pack showcasing their individuality and what they represent; cleverness, independence, playfulness, protection and good luck.
Our mission is to create opportunities for communities in third world countries to obtain the skills and resources to launch their own sustainable projects or businesses.
“As friends and now business partners, we wanted to combine our 40 years experience and skills together to create a collection that helped the wider community”. - Mal Wiemann, Creative Director
“Very excited about the opportunities in this space. We are focused on the roadmap and the evolution of the project – we have only scratched the surface”. - Gemma Adair, Marketing Director
The LFP team are focused on building an enthusiastic community of NFT holders, which will have exclusive access to all upcoming projects including:
Building a community wallet
Creating a new 3D collection
Purchasing land
As a member of our community, you’ll be embarking on an important journey to unravel our foxes' purpose and why they have emerged from the depths of their burrows.
Our digital collectables are established within the Solana Blockchain, which enables holders to mint, collect and trade them. Our pre-sale will take place on Friday 1st April and main sale Saturday 2nd April 2022 (8pm UTC)
Become ‘like a fox’ and join us on our journey.

Contact Info:
Name: Gemma Adair (Marketing Director)
Organisation: LycaFox Pack
Address: UK

Company :-LycaFox Pack

User :- Gemma Adair


Phone :-+44 7935 296800

Mobile:- +44 7935 296800

Url :-


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