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Phoenix Institute’s New CSR Activity with The Lightship Initiative

2022-05-24 10:26:58 Education


Phoenix Institute is proud to be part of The Lightship Initiative, a scholarship program for underprivileged children who want to make a bright future for themselves and their families. A volunteer team of The Lightship Initiative consisting of Vivek Shah, Kunal Shah, Hiralben, Jigar Patel, Krishna Patel, and Anand Bhai came together for a good cause of bringing a ray of happiness in the lives of underprivileged children.

TLI creates a fully-funded, custom-designed 360-degree intervention that Phoenix Institute is a part of. It begins in grade 9 and concludes with graduation, with a pay-it-forward cycle in which one seed can flower into a tree that can sow 100 additional seeds.

Phoenix Institute is committed to transforming this concept into a world of possibility, willingness, and hope for our scholars.

What is frequently overlooked is that the majority of the initiatives and programs designed to support them provide only marginal benefit. Poverty is an impenetrable shackle. It continues, generation after generation, eroding life. In the midst of this bleakness, there are moments of brilliance. Children who have been endowed with an abnormal amount of grey matter. These children represent an opportunity for them to break the generational shackles of poverty and, in turn, lift their families out of despair. And obtaining the appropriate education is almost certainly the key to unlocking their future.

The Lightship Initiative aims to change this, one child and one aspiration at a time. Through a rigorous selection process, it is designed to identify highly intelligent underprivileged children in grades 8 and 9. And then assume responsibility for their complete development from ninth grade to college graduation.

This entails a 360-degree intervention, ranging from educational support to music, from English to personality development, from a structured mentorship program to internships, from sports to summer programs, and finally, identifying their area of interest and assisting them in preparing for and excelling in competitive exams, as well as securing admissions to reputable colleges in programs such as Computer Science, Chartered Accountancy, and others, where they will have excellent career opportunities upon graduation.

Our hope is that each child nurtured through the program impact 100 additional lives over the course of his or her lifetime, assisting them in breaking the cycle of poverty. The Lightship Initiative is intended to be a collaborative effort that engages patrons not only financially but also through mentorship, the donation of electronic gadgets, knowledge sharing, and volunteer availability.

The primary aim of Phoenix Institute and TLI is to create an environment conducive to these brilliant minds assuming centre stage and realizing their full potential.

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