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Wholesaling Houses Info Launches Learn Real Estate Wholesaling on Its New Blog Post

2022-05-22 05:23:24 Business


Wholesaling real estate is an effective way to generate profit from real estate sales without requiring a lot of capital. This property flipping method is suitable for beginners to get immediate profit from selling contracts between a home seller and an investor.

Real estate investing by flipping houses is a lucrative and increasingly competitive business. Flipping houses is a real estate investment strategy in which investors buy homes below market value, renovate them and then sell them for a profit. Unfortunately, flipping real estate requires a large amount of capital. Wholesaling Houses Info, a blog specializing in wholesaling houses, shares their knowledge about making a profit from wholesaling homes. Compared to flipping houses, wholesale houses require less capital and a low risk of rapid price increases. 

What is real estate wholesaling, and how does it work?

Wholesaling real estate is a real estate investment strategy without requiring a down payment or huge cash investment in the process. The concept is as easy as profiting from a contract sale. Wholesalers are intermediaries/liaisons between a home seller, an investor and temporary custodians of the contract. It takes some strategies to find motivated home sellers who are willing to sell their properties for bargains and an investor/home flippers to purchase the home. In short, wholesaling real estate is as follows:

  • Wholesalers can find highly motivated sellers and are willing to sell their property under contract. This kind of seller may have a defective home in need of renovation but less cash. Moreover, property sellers are facing foreclosure due to delayed mortgage payments or abandoning their property for personal reasons. And another reason such as property as the subject of divorce or probate.

  • After finding the right property and seller, a wholesaler can find investors/home buyers willing to fix the property and purchase at least 70% of house value after being repaired. An investor/buyer can have profit from the difference between the selling price and the capital spent on renovations and wholesaler fees.

  • Wholesalers get their profit from selling the contract between sellers and investors/home buyers/flippers. 

About Wholesaling Houses Info 

Wholesaling Houses Info is a real estate blog providing comprehensive guides on wholesaling real estate. Their comprehensive guide of real estate investing for beginners covers how to find real estate deals and effective online and offline marketing methods. In addition, to learn more detailed information on real estate wholesaling case studies, please visit

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