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Zonka Feedback Wins Thirteen Awards in the 2022 G2 Winter Report

2022-05-24 10:26:55 Computer


Zonka Feedback has been awarded thirteen recognitions by G2 in categories like Feedback Analytics, Survey, and Experience Management.

December 17, 2020 - Gurugram, Haryana - Zonka Feedback, a leading Employee and Customer Experience Management platform, has been once again awarded by G2 with multiple recognitions in its various quarterly reports. This time, it has climbed another ladder of success by earning 13 recognitions at once in the Winter 2022 reports of different categories.

Every quarter, G2 does an evaluation of various software companies on the basis of reviews and ratings given by the customers. Based on this evaluation, it recognizes the top performers in multiple categories and rewards them with some titles of excellence. This quarter, G2 rewarded Zonka Feedback with the following awards in various categories:

Momentum Leader Winter 2021
In the categories of :
1. Experience Management
2. Survey

High Performer Winter 2022
In the categories of :

1. Feedback Analytics
2. Experience Management
3. Survey

High Performer Winter 2021
In the regional categories of:
1. India Survey
2. Asia Survey
3. Asia Pacific Survey
4. Europe Survey

High Performer Mid-Market Winter 2022
In the categories of:
1. Mid-Market Experience Management
2. Mid-Market Survey

High Performer Small-Business Winter 2022
For the category of:
1. Small-Business Survey

Users Love Us (Badge)

These awards tell the world about Zonka Feedback’s growing industry presence and its zeal to satisfy its customers to the maximum possible extent. The software has proven effective with its advanced features to create effective surveys and manage customer experience.

In recent years, the software has performed outstandingly in the market and is rightly named a High Performer in multiple categories. The features like real-time feedback alerts help its users get Customer Feedback on time and take action on it to close the customer feedback loop and change a customers’ negative experience into a positive one.

With this software, the users can know what their customers perceive about their experience, manage and improve the customer experience, and keep track of feedback trends through advanced reporting and analytical capabilities. Moreover, its ease of use and setup, interface, and services or for the customers made it win a badge of ‘Users Love Us’ along with the other titles of excellence.
About G2

G2 is a popular software review website based in Chicago, Illinois. It provides a platform for the reviewers to review a software product, and only genuine reviews are allowed on the website. To authenticate the reviews, it runs its own algorithms and eliminates fake reviews. It even asks for actual screenshots of usage from the reviewers to ensure that the reviews provided are genuine.

Former employees of Big Machines founded the company in May 2012. It has become a significant marketplace where technology buyers and investors search for apps and tools as per their business requirements. The platform has become a reliable source of information for them to look for the best tools and make decisions to invest in the right product for them.

Getting awarded with multiple titles of excellence from such an entity is an excellent achievement for Zonka Feedback.

About Zonka Feedback
Zonka Feedback is a leading Survey Software and Experience Management platform that businesses worldwide use to create and send surveys, collect and manage feedback, and improve customer experience. The tool also measures customer loyalty and satisfaction with CX metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Zonka Feeback is always committed to making its’ customers' lives easier and supports them in running efficient processes. Recently, it has also become one of the launching partners of Webex and introduced its Webex edition named ‘Zonka for Webex’ to support the users with the functionalities of creating and sharing live surveys, polls, and quizzes during an ongoing Webex meeting. It has also added new powerful integrations to encourage seamless workflows for its customers.

To know more about Zonka Feedback(, visit Zonka Feedback’s profile page at G2 ( or sign up for a free trial (

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User :- Kaumudi Tiwari


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