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Abcodo’s New Website: Taking Edtech Innovation to the Next Level

2022-05-28 02:46:38 Education


Abcodo, MSM Unify’s in-house student recruitment arm, is pleased to announce the revamp of its new website. The new and improved website aligns with the growth of the edtech space by providing education institutions and recruitment partners an avenue to grow their business.
Designed with innovation in mind, the website allows agents, for instance, to increase the success of recruiting international students and placing them into institutions where they can prepare for future success.
At the same time, institutions can filter the student applications while diversifying their campuses. With it, they can reach their goals of providing quality higher education to thousands of students from around the world.

The Abcodo website is divided into distinct sections that allow one to get the most of their user experience.
Through the new Abcodo website, recruitment partners can:
Get institution updates to help students navigate the international education challenges
Undergo the vetting process
Access exclusive resources and value-added services such as automation and analytics

What this means is that recruitment partners are given the opportunity to do high-quality recruitment without the need to grow their own network. They can easily tap into Abcodo’s extensive database of students and HEIs. This translates to higher commissions and exceeded goals.
Abcodo offers benefits to institutions as well, including:
High-impact promotions
Access to well-vetted recruitment partners
Participation in webinars to reach more global learners and recruitment partners
All this equates to institutions being able to recruit high-quality, eligible students via highly motivated and skilled student recruitment partners who turn over complete applications. This, in turn, gives them higher enrollment outcomes.
“International student recruitment continues to evolve and Abcodo has successfully positioned itself to be at the center of this revolution. We have exponentially increased our recruitment partner numbers, expanded our reach to 36 destination countries, and continue to sign up more partner institutions,” says Avinav Sharma, Head of Strategy and Business Operations at Abcodo. “As we ramp up our efforts, we gave the Abcodo website a facelift to reflect our achievements and goals for an edtech-driven future.”
Get to know and experience high-powered student recruitment. Visit the Abcodo website at

About Abcodo
Abcodo is an MSM company that serves as the in-house recruitment partner of MSM Unify, an all-in-one edtech platform for higher education institutions, agents, and students. As a partner in high-quality recruitment, it offers partner agents and institutions an edge in the competitive market. Abcodo provides institutions the opportunity to reach global learners through comprehensive and exclusive webinars, events, and resources to make recruitment easier, faster, and simpler. Read more about Abcodo at

About M Square Media (MSM)
MSM is a leading international education company that establishes global or in-country offices and offers education management, an AI-powered student recruitment marketplace, high-performance student recruitment services, online courses and programs, and a wide range of edtech solutions. Through these diverse lines of business, we deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment to foster sustained institutional growth and cater to every stakeholder in the industry: schools, agents, and keen learners from around the world. Headquartered in British Columbia and operating in 17 countries, we strive for people and community empowerment through education, technology, and partnerships with industry and the academe. Read more about MSM at

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