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Louisville Writer’s Debut is a Posthumous Book that is Fear and Loathing of the 2016 Election

2023-09-30 09:12:47 Art & Entertainment


Gunner Bush always wanted to be a writer. His heroes growing up were people like Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Webb, and Mark Twain. Gunner worked for the Associated Press and NBC after graduating from Indiana University. As a journalist, Gunner worked worldwide, including working briefly at the White House. 

Gunner’s debut book, “Suicide Notes to Kurt Cobain” reveals his fantastic journey through the 2016 Presidential election cycle. The story revolves around the Trump vs. Hillary campaigning; it evolves around his personal affairs during the same period. 

Gunner’s sister, Kayla (Bush) Thomas, edited the book, and she says it was always the goal of her brother to become a published author, and it was always in the plans to have her edit his work.

“Gunner always sent me his stuff to be edited. He would always send me writings in the early mornings, and he would always call me late at night. He wanted this to be his big debut released book because it touched on many issues, and it is so truthful on where our country was back in 2016.”

Gunner passed away in November while working on another book and reporting for an online news outlet. Kayla informs us that Gunner has three books that she will edit and release; each is more telling than the previous works. 

“Gunner had a plan to release his books. The other two are done but need to be edited too. I am doing that now, and hopefully, they can be released, and the world can see what a great writer he is.”

“Suicide Notes to Kurt Cobain” is gaining praise online, and it is being compared to the works of another Louisville writer. Hunter S.Thompson. 

The Cush Jar has named it the book of the year for 2021 despite its release being now pushed back to 2022. Cush Jar calls the book a “2016 Fear and Loathing journey.” 

Gunner’s telling of his time on the 2016 election cycle doesn’t forget his hatred for Kentucky representative Mitch McConnell. The third chapter of SNTKC goes into more detail, and it is available as a free read on Amazon for the entire week. 

Read the Third Chapter for free this week here: .

Purchase the ebook “Suicide Notes to Kurt Cobain.” 


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