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Ipaint My Reveals Why Your Company Should Work with a Public Art Consulting Firm

2022-01-18 07:02:50 Art & Entertainment


Whether you run a fledgling startup or are the CEO of a well-established company, the look and feel of your office does a lot for your brand, employee morale and customer satisfaction. In fact, the aesthetic of your company could be affecting your business more than you realize. If you are trying to find ways to create a comfortable, cutting-edge office space that reflects your company’s ideals, consider hiring a public art consultant. These professionals specialize in creating spaces that evoke the desired emotions, feelings and vibe for any situation.

Here are three ways art consulting firms can help your business.

1. Visualize Your Brand
These days, successful marketing starts with having a well thought out brand. Being able to display that brand visually allows you to more ways to market your business; whether passively through online marketing campaigns or actively at trade shows or networking events. An art consultant will work with you to develop an idea of what your brand should look like, and then curate unique, evocative works of art that express that brand. If your company is all about local business, consider tapping the expertise of a public art consultant, as they will be able to curate pieces from local artists and underserved communities. This will add an extra layer to your branding, as it shows you care about your community and want to give back.

2. Improve Customer Experience
A dynamic, exciting office communicates several things to potential clients. One, it shows that you know your brand and are confident about expressing the identity of your company through art. Two, it shows that you care about the comfort and experience of those that use the space, whether clients or employees. And three, it can show an eye for detail, creative thinking and a unique perspective- all things that can make you stand out from your competition. Clients are also more likely to look forward to meeting if you are offering them a comfortable space.

3. Boost Employee Morale
While bringing in more clients is at the top of most business’s to-do lists, keeping employees happy should be right up there, too. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees boost profits, so their comfort should be considered when working with art consulting firms to improve the aesthetics of your workplace. Consider renovating the office break room to include inspiring art from local artists. Or get employee input about a large mural installation. Integrate bright colors, thought provoking sculptures and paintings, or functional pieces like sofas and tables. Doing a big office revamp? Throw a party to unveil the new space in a fun way. This can also be a means of networking if you invite both employees and clients to see your new space.

While it may seem like hanging a few piece of art is something you can do yourself, art consulting firms make the process easier and more tailored to your company. They can also work with you to swap out art over time and keep your office looking fresh. If you want to invest in your company, clients and employees, an art consulting firm can help.

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