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Revolutionary Healthcare Exchange Seeks to Optimize Global Supply Chains

2022-08-13 12:25:51 Health and Fitness


Crowdpoint Technologies, an Austin-based startup, unveils a blockchain-enabled marketplace for medical equipment and supplies Healthcare Sector Exchange (HSX) to democratize access and lower costs.

Austin, TX, USA - Nov. 25, 2021 - If one doesn't have good health, they don't have anything. For many Americans, the price of healthcare continues to put pressure on their wallets. An Austin-based startup seeks to change all that with its revolutionary Healthcare Sector Exchange (HSX), a blockchain-enabled marketplace for medical equipment and supplies.

“Our mission with HSX is to horizontally and vertically unite the entire healthcare supply chain using a shared services model I’ve helped deliver to the Healthcare Industry in my recent past”, notes Nadab Akhtar, Crowdpoint Technologies’ President. Participants in HSX can buy and sell products from equipment manufacturers, suppliers, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences organizations, and service providers.

Using CrowdPoint's next-generation blockchain, all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed, and immutable transactions recorded by the platform. This data includes everything from clicks to sales. Each transaction incrementally builds a fabric of big data leveraged by the company's proprietary algorithms to enrich the user experience for the entire network.

Participating “micropreneurs” benefit from rapid digital transformation using a set of shared services provided by CrowdPoint. These include big data processing, AI functions, and millions of pre populated customer profiles used for personalized experience targeting. This technology will mitigate the noise of traditional mass marketing and annoying robocalls.

CrowdPoint's HSX also provides a drag-and-drop website builder that provides hosting and design services. The builder simplifies the deployment of e-commerce, mobile-ready websites onto the company's blockchain. These tools work synchronously to aid in small and midsized companies’ growth by delivering AI-matched prospects with appropriate distributors.As part of HSX, the company has launched its Medicine Marketplace with over 1,000 distributors. It is negotiating with several other healthcare and technology resources to expand its offering. HSX expects to make several more significant announcements this quarter.

“By creating forecastable models of the market, we can help realize previously unknown efficiencies”, said Heidi Huff, Vice President of Products for CrowdPoint Technologies. “Our Futures team has identified pilot programs in advanced medicine, Medicare, and post-traumatic stress injury, and are actively launching these segments”.

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About Healthcare Exchange

We run a public-private hybrid Blockchain Ecosystem for small and medium businesses. We empower micro entrepreneurs (micropreneurs) with continuous ideal customer profiles within vertically aligned exchanges. These exchanges act as next generation eCommerce environments organizing multiple online Marketplaces. These marketplaces are integrated with onsite proximity based marketing which drive revenue to Main Street. Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite healthcare equipment, supplies, providers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and health care related Products on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Health Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.

Company :-Healthcare Exchange

User :- Eric Kavanagh


Mobile:- 202-507-3506

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