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Disabled Military Couple Combats Fraudulent Coaches & Business Networking Events to Help Protect Victims

2023-09-28 05:13:19 News & Society


Green Valley Lake, CA: Assuaged, a charitable vegan plant-based and military veteran-owned lifestyle brand, is firing back at fraudulent business coaches and networking events designed to amplify the scamming experience.

"The journey here was not easy; we burned through $550K. Instead of buying a home, our disability funds went towards building our businesses and funding fraudulent coaches after falling victim to their schemes through networking events and masterminds," said Thane Murphy, CEO of Assuaged. "I can't express how humiliating it felt to pitch in front of large audiences only to become the laughing stock. We were even derided by a former NFL figure. As a disabled USMC veteran, I felt depleted and defeated; after surviving multiple suicide attempts, I still wanted to give up."

Various scams and events hosted by fake gurus, mentors, and life coaches generate substantial profits from their members. The disabled founders of Assuaged raise ongoing awareness for potential victims to be aware of these types of mind manipulation scams. These masqueraders coerce people into funding a friendship for mentorship, quickly departing once the funds stop. "The coaching industry is unappealingly filled with charlatans, which is why I left," said Todd Radus of GS Hydro.

The Murphys were connected to another victim by a "finder" they were both working with. This fraudulent individual violates securities laws. "Birds of a feather flock together," said Chris Martin of Hempful Farms. The Murphys provided a fair warning to the Martin family after receiving a request for more "money" or "equity" with no achieved results of contractually promised funding.

The deception was discovered after having their venture capitalist (VC) lawyer thoroughly review the contract. Many "finders" in this industry are duplicitous, making a company not investable because the finder is not legit. Furthermore, payments were disbursed to an "entertainment company."

Fake mentors, coaches, and scheming book authors use a "get rich quick" principle to fraudulently manipulate people into believing that they need them to succeed. Some of these business coaches are famous figures. These imposters outwit people to spend massive amounts of money based on false principles using their "minds" and "power" to manifest money.

Cynthia Cherise Murphy, a disabled serial entrepreneur and CFO of Assuaged, reacts to people hoodwinked into giving away their hard-earned money. "Using imagination to manifest financial success is deceptive. Counterfeit NLP coaches and mentors promise the unachievable at huge costs. They are scamming and manipulating honest hopeful entrepreneurs. This needs to stop." she added, "Success happens by working hard towards growing, making wise investments, and learning to fail fast. Many lawsuits are on the rise because these swindlers are being exposed."

Assuaged has a long list of celebrity mentors, and they mark a major milestone in its success as a startup company powered by the enthusiasm of its 400+ student intern network. "We offer students an atmosphere to learn and develop skills," said Mercedes Monita, Director of Public Health and military veteran. "We are a community of people building a meaningful brand that aims to create thousands of jobs."

Assuaged has used various creative means to help people without asking them to open their wallets.

  • Treacher Collins Syndrome survivor Cynthia Cherise Murphy strutted her stuff and rocked the beauty status quo for the 8th time at the FAO Schwarz Kiss the Monkeys celebrity benefit. After recruiting four disabled models to join her on the runway, she began building a virtual student internship program using their monthly disability funds.

  • The Murphys' actively sponsor several charitable causes. They collected 2000 pounds of Arnel's Originals gluten-free flour and donated it to various homeless causes. The Murphys' have also gifted four Cochlear hearing aid devices valued at $20K to craniofacial families denied by medical insurance.

About Assuaged, Inc.

Assuaged dba Be Your Highest is advancing the nation's Public Health system by curatively addressing the global burden of chronic disease. The organization provides premium health content backed by research.

The company is raising awareness during the launch of their organic plant-based vegan CBD and Delta-8 products, including their superfoods Hoohah oral sprays, gummies, and caramels formulated by experts. Their products are helping people combat depression, anxiety, and stress. Patients with lupus, cancer, and chronic fatigue are finding relief. Their advocacy efforts are centered around its new rap songs titled "Spray it on and Be Gone" and "Stop the Hate with Delta 8".

Assuaged has been sponsored for $347K. They have also won numerous awards, including Best Food Industry Mobile Application by IAC and an honorary recognition from Temple University for hosting students in 2021.

For more information about Assuaged, please visit and discover their CBD products at

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