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Diploma in Building and Construction ­ Exploring Careers in the Construction Industry

2021-12-05 01:41:46 Education


Construction activity is expected to play a vital role in Australia’s economy. The increase in building and infrastructure projects has produced a situation where professionals with the right skills have the power to pick and choose among the most advantageous work positions.

Why Should You Study a Building & Construction Course?

• The need for skilled construction professionals in the industry has surged in Australia. This need is only expected to grow, as several large infrastructure projects are underway across the country.
• The surge in construction activity created an environment where employers are vigorously competing for talent and improving their people strength. Increase in wages and additional benefits are provided to attract and retain the industry’s best talent.
What is Diploma in Building and Construction?
The Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) ensures the knowledge and skill requirements of a building professional are taken care. The specific aspects are:

• coordinate the construction of a building,
• taking responsibility for the entire project and ensuring its completion,
• selecting contractors,
• overseeing the work and its quality,
• managing the clients.

After the completion of this course:

• Students will gain knowledge of Building theory and practice related to residential, industrial, and commercial building.
• Students develop niche and advanced skills and knowledge in plan interpretation, drafting, quantities take off, scheduling, estimating, construction technology, occupational health & safety (OHS), site supervisor surveying, cost control, and business management.
• Students develop general skills in matters of design, construction technology, problem-solving, project documentation, and project administration, including quality assurance processes and methods.
Career opportunities, include and are not restricted to:
• Project Manager
With so many massive tier 2 projects to tackle, the construction industry is in need of sharp, organised professionals who have proven their mettle.
• Project Engineer
The uptick in tier two projects is also creating a need for project engineers especially in NSW with its significant number of civil infrastructure projects rolling out.
• Foreperson
The growth in civil projects in Sydney has encouraged a need for people with experience in this sector. Forepersons, in particular, are needed to handle planned refurbishments in large.
• Site Manager
Sydney is facing shortage of site managed because of a lot of large-scale operations taking place. Senior site manages who are experienced in working and completing big projects successfully have a huge demand these days.
• Estimator
Construction estimators being sought to price a variety of large commercial and residential projects.
• Contract Administrator
Office renovations and the Barangaroo development are in need of fit out contract administrators.
• Skilled Tradesperson

There is a short supply of skilled trade veterans in the industry. This is because there haven’t been many apprentices and trainees joining in and replacing the trade veterans who retire or leave the industry. This has left a huge gap in the labour market. Some of the most popular trades include bricklayers, plumbers, glaziers, tilers, concreters, and stonemasons.

Gaining a certificate course, a diploma, or an advanced diploma, or having an associate degree in the field would help in meeting the requirements for entry for the degree you prefer to study.
Students who are in this course will also get exemptions for the courses listed below and if they comply with the requirements:

• Bachelor of Applied Science (Project Management) (Honours)
• Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) (Honours)
• Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) (Honours)

With NSW being the hub of development and activity, jobs are available for the qualified and skilled personnel. Finding you the right institution that provides the requisite qualification, training, and skills is our job at Needs Migration, Parramatta, and Sydney.

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