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The Geneva School Of Diplomacy Is Inviting International Students

2021-12-04 06:19:23 Education


(08-November-2021) For a long time, International students were not able to join the educational institutions in Switzerland. There were a lot of restrictions on travel and the students in Switzerland were studying virtually. The universities had a lot of problems in trying to provide quality education to students who were already enrolled in various courses. The Geneva School of Diplomacy also tried its best to help the students carry on with their course on virtual platforms. But now things are changing. In fact, the course for Masters of Arts in Diplomacy is open for International students who can start applying for the same. If you have taken the vaccinations and there are travel restrictions in your home country, you are welcome to apply.
The Geneva School of Diplomacy is also introducing the hybrid mode of study for international students and home students alike. You can study for half of the time from home and for the rest of the time from the college campus. Moreover, there is also a separate set of programs arranged for students who want to continue with virtual education. Now you can take admission in online courses in Masters of Arts in Diplomacy. The students can avail the same facilities online and you can have the experience of campus life as well. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to study under the most reputed professors who will also provide you with quality education in an online mode.
Dr. Colum de Sales Murphy, the President and Founder of the Geneva School of Diplomacy is of the opinion that the students have largely suffered in the pandemic even though a lot was done to provide online education. “I have personally reached out to students to ask them about what kind of issues they were facing. But thankfully now they are not facing any issues as online education modes have been greatly developed.”
About Geneva School of Diplomacy:
The Geneva School of Diplomacy is a small and exclusive University that caters to the educational needs of students who want to study for International Relations and Diplomacy master’s degree. It specializes in all levels of education including bachelor, master’s, and executive and doctorate programs. Diploma and training are also available and the college also provides hundreds of placement opportunities to students every year at different levels. For more information, get in touch with

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