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MIST Partners With MSM Unify To Offer Students Peace of Mind With a Comprehensive COVID-19 Travel Risk Assessment Tool

2021-12-05 12:06:37 Education


As the world continues to do its best to overcome COVID-19 and its devastating effects, many international education institutions are also doing their best to move forward as borders gradually reopen. Students also want to access reliable information related to travel, quarantine requirements, vaccinations, and other matters as they plan their overseas journeys. This is where AI-powered international education marketplace MSM Unify, and its partner MIST, can help through the Global Travel Risk Assessment tool.
Developed for the international education industry by MIST, an Australian company, the first-of-its-kind tool (powered by GOPASS Global risk platform) offers near real-time information coming from a host of global sources. The risk assessment tool provides essential details that students should know when traveling abroad during the time of COVID-19. The report contains data such as:
Pre-travel information: This consists of data such as vaccination requirements and tests, including the timelines they need to be taken, for any particular country they are traveling to.
Post-arrival details: The data in this report includes any quarantine or isolation period, vaccination requirements, any country restrictions, and the entry rules and regulations in their new country that international students will need to adhere to.
MIST conducted research and found that 94 percent of international students believe that having travel risk assessment data, particularly during this time of COVID-19, is important before they leave home as it helps ease the anxiety of the unknown. Information such as the requirements they need to fulfill and how much risk is involved when traveling is a huge help. This way, they will be able to prepare for any untoward occurrence that may take place.
“Our Risk Assessment Platform is integrated into over 35 global data sources, which pull near real-time COVID-19 data back into the risk engine. This then categorizes the information and provides the report. We have developed a technology to help everyone get access to the most up-to-date information,” notes John Crutchley, CEO and founder of MIST.
Avinav Sharma, Head of Strategy and Business Operations at Abcodo, adds, “MSM Unify is pleased to collaborate with MIST. This valuable collaboration will help students applying through MSM Unify to take the stress out of their travel plans by telling exactly what they need to know and do at every stage of their journey.”
The MIST Travel Risk Assessment tool offers more than just near real-time information that can be utilized by students, parents, agents, and institutions. It offers benefits such as:
Student preparedness: With data right at their disposal, international students will be able to prepare to meet all the requirements and take extra precautions even before leaving their own country and heading to their destination.
Advance planning: Students will be able to plan ahead on when they will, for instance, depart from their country, taking into account quarantine period requirements upon arrival in their destination country.
Peace of mind: This is arguably one of the most important benefits MIST Travel Risk Assessment tool can offer. It eases the fear of the unknown as it gives international students a clear picture of what lies ahead and what they can expect upon arriving in their destination country, ensuring their travel is stress-free.
This ties in with the new Travel Risk Management Standard or ISO 31030, which essentially sets guidelines for assessing travel risk for workers and how to manage those risks. This is especially useful during this time of global pandemic when workers and all travelers are at greater risk because of the coronavirus and its ill effects.
This offering perfectly aligns with the goals of MSM Unify in ensuring that international students and their parents can have the peace of mind to focus on their goals of studying abroad. As a one-stop-shop platform, MSM Unify provides a wide variety of services for international students, such as pre-departure briefings, post-arrival orientations, application assistance, and more.
Visit where you can access travel reports and find a range of services specifically designed for people moving overseas to live, work, or study.
About MIST Money
MIST parent company, MIST Financial Services PTY Ltd, may be in its infancy but has already created enough buzz in the industry for providing financial advisory services for both personal and corporate clients. With MIST, the company aims to become the first and foremost provider of near real-time travel risk assessment and a host of other value-added services for international students and migrants all over the world.

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