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Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee Secures a Fresh Financial Start For Clients

2021-12-08 10:07:10 Legal / Law


C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., an established Licensed Insolvency Trustee with several years of experience, has recently helped clients get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy and consumer proposals.

Although the situation can seem extreme, this Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly called a “bankruptcy trustee”) has been able to get debt relief solutions for many Canadians. The positive results have been shown by positive reviews provided by clients, as seen on their website.

One of the reviews on their website states: “You made a difficult process bearable, and along the way dispensed valuable insight and info. I would recommend you and your team wholeheartedly."

Additionally, many other clients express their pleasure with the services of this Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Reviews on the site highlight C. Buhler & Associates Ltd.’s professionalism, experience, and dedication to excellence.

Crystal Buhler, the President and Licensed Insolvency Trustee at C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., has represented numerous clients during her insolvency career. Through the years, her effort and dedication have brought her to build an outstanding track record of success.

Regarding this, Crystal Buhler says, “About 95% of the bankruptcy cases we deal with result in an automatic discharge, with the rest being required to attend Court to obtain a discharge. Alternatively, more than 95% of the Consumer Proposals we have filed have been approved by the creditors without any change necessary to the payment terms. We take our jobs very seriously in getting our clients debt relief.”

C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. can file both consumer and corporate bankruptcies, and Proposals on behalf of individuals or businesses. Each bankruptcy is unique; the team at C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. is able to adapt to almost any financial situation and can provide unique solutions to get a fresh financial start for the client.

“Bankruptcy is the solution for anyone who wants to get out of debt promptly. However, filers may need to sell their non-exempt assets to settle their debts. In many cases we see, clients do not have any non-exempt assets, therefore they can be relieved of their debt without losing any assets,” said Buhler.

However, the trustee suggested that a Consumer Proposal is the perfect remedy for those who have non-exempt assets that they wish to keep. In such cases, the client will need to create a 3-5-year repayment schedule to pay off creditors. Buhler’s Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm helps the client craft the plan, advising them every step of the way.

C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. can also file business bankruptcy for a client. “Business bankruptcy is complicated, but we are ready to help businesses rebuild while using the process to manage their debt,” says Buhler.

Lastly, this experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustee advise that Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are only filed in the United States. Bankruptcy in Canada is generally referred to as either a Summary Bankruptcy or Ordinary Bankruptcy, while proposals to creditors are referred to as either “Consumer Proposals” or “Division 1 Proposals”.

C. Buhler & Associates provides free preliminary consultations for those with queries about the bankruptcy process. “If you are having debt issues, we are always available to assist you. We can give you debt advice free of charge; and with no negative impact on your credit,” concluded Buhler.

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