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Bird partners with ScootAround, to offer on-demand accessible mobility across cities

2021-12-08 05:02:37 Business


Scootaround announced a partnership with Bird to provide a variety of accessible vehicle solutions to customers in markets across the United States. It is a big step towards the people with disabilities and the nation as it will help in reducing car usage, traffic, and pollution that come with driving a car.

Scootaround is one of the nation’s leading personal transportation solutions companies, offering rental, sales, and repair services for scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and rollators at over 2,500 locations across North America and Europe.

It is coherent that traveling with a hefty wheelchair can be highly inconvenient, even a powered one. So, this Scootaround collaboration could be revolutionary for many people with physical disabilities, being able to rent and ride mobility-accessible vehicles on demand, including the WHILL Model Ci2.

How will this collaboration benefit the people?

With Bird and Scootaround partnership, it will become easy for people with disabilities to find, reserve, and pay for one of the three accessible vehicle types using a custom rider interface available only in the Bird app. Bird riders will benefit from exclusive pricing discounts and have unique access to Bird accessible vehicles, including the WHILL Model Ci2.

How will this collaboration benefit the cities?

This partnership will not only benefit the people but will also help the cities as it will reduce car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions. Electric vehicle technology has the potential to reduce carbon emissions. Both Bird and Scootaround provide eco-friendly transportation for the people, and their main aim is to provide accessible mobility to everyone, thus contributing towards an environment-friendly city. To improve the health of those who live in the cities, they want to decrease car usage and remind everyone that riding a scooter or bicycle instead of driving is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and traffic.

How to reserve a ride?

To begin a reservation, Riders only need to tap on the marked button at the bottom of the Bird app. The reservation process allows Bird riders to select their desired accessible vehicle type from the available options on the bird app. The rider needs to choose a rental length between 1-14 days, along with a convenient pick-up and drop-off location.

There is a toll-free number available to help you in every way. It will provide immediate answers to all your questions about the rental process. Furthermore, on the day of delivery, riders will receive a full, in-person tutorial to help them feel comfortable using, charging, and storing their new accessible vehicle throughout the rental.


To safely and effectively deliver accessible mobility on demand, an experienced partner is what it takes to make all the difference.

That’s why Bird has teamed up with Scootaround, a trusted global leader in personal transportation solutions, to pilot a first-of-its-kind accessible mobility program that delivers on the mission of providing eco-friendly transportation for everyone. This partnership will prove to be highly beneficial as it will offer several options to people with disabilities, including their take on a slick wheelchair.

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