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Rate’s Pet Products Introduces New Dry Dog Food Rich in Animal Protein

2021-12-08 05:02:40 Business

392’s mission of providing access to real pet care to every pet parent holds more significance than ever.

Kolkata, India:, a pet care organization that aims to bridge the gap between pet owners and pet care knowledge, is proud to announce newest additions to the company's all-natural and holistic pet food line.

Nearly two-thirds (66.6%) of veterinarians report that when pet parents discover their pet's health problems such as obesity, diarrhea, and pancreatitis, to name a few, the pet parents were either astonished or defensive, and failed to understand what they could have been doing wrong.

Noticing this common dilemma, partnered with brands that encourage the importance of healthcare in pets. - Orijen, Arden Grange, Royal Canine, Farmina Vet Life, Himalaya, Hill’s Prescription Diet, Pro Pac and the likes are part of their premium packaged Dog food collection while upcoming Indian brands such as Rawr, Fresh Woof, and Kennel Kitchen offer to more niche segments of pet parents who chose fresh, freezed dried or vegan diets for their furry friends.

"Pet care, although a booming sector, is relatively very very new, not just in India, but globally. There’s intense research going on in various kinds of canine nutrition and with data of only a few decades, its still too soon pin down one kind of food that’s ideal for all breeds. So we really focus on ensuring whichever brand we curate comes with the best data & research backing and is relevant to today’s domesticated dogs.”, says Vighnesh Shukla, Founder of

“Our goal was to provide a complete and balanced dinner that would support their general health, wellness, and longevity. However, no two dogs or pet parents are alike, which is why we provide a varied range of options from ancestral diets, freeze dried technology to even vegan dog food which has really found its place in the market, backed by a heavy amount of research suggesting that dogs adapted to plant based - starch rich diet a long time ago.” is growing into one of the most trusted brands by introducing a complete range of pet care products. “We are different from the rest of the market because we see a much larger picture for a larger set of pets, not just cats & dogs. Our vision has always been to serve all kinds of pets - dogs to reptiles, as long as they’re legal & safe to pet”, added Samriddhi Pandey, Head of Marketing at a pioneer in pet health care, has also recently launched its online veterinary consultation services that offer second opinions to specialty consults such as veterinary eye care, dental, gastro or ortho care and more pets.’s entire dry dog food collection is exclusively available at, along with express delivery across PAN India.

About is India's top pet retailer, offering over 3,500 goods from 110 different brands for pets. Our mission is to close the education and knowledge gap in the pet industry by providing high-quality training to pet owners on how to handle and keep their pets happy.

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