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Whiz Consulting Announces the Release of Specialized Futrli Reporting and Forecasting Services 

2021-12-09 12:47:36 Business


Whiz Consulting is a prominent accounting and bookkeeping firm in the US that has recently released specialized?Futrli reporting and forecasting services?to enable the firms to estimate the upcoming future. The pandemic has caused uncertainty in the conduct and operations of a firm and has led to poor forecasting solutions. With the help of Futrli software, they aim to get the firms back on track. "We have chosen Futrli because of its unique features that allow transfer of reports and integration with other accounting software. Our staff assists the clients in using it to its maximum potential," says Senior Executive at Whiz Consulting.

Here are a few excerpts of the conversation with the Senior Executive at Whiz Consulting regarding the new launch:

What are the reasons behind this launch?

When we assessed the post-pandemic situation of the businesses, we found that they were having trouble formulating accurate plans for the future. Due to the prevailing uncertainty in the environment, they found it burdensome to analyze the reports accurately while focusing on the survival tactics. It prompted us to look at ways to handle the insecurities of clients skillfully and meticulously.

What enhancements have been made in the services? What makes them unique?

We have made some additions and subtractions to our existing?Futrli reporting and forecasting services?owing to the changes brought by the pandemic. We offer periodic consultations with the management at nominal costs. The feature of customization, personalization, and scalability has been added to the existing services. The vast experience of the staff allows reliable projection, understanding of the reports, and use of non-financial data for accurate decision-making.

The pandemic struck upon the whole world suddenly and has left a severe impact. One of the biggest challenges worldwide is inequality in the distribution of resources. The rich can afford to grab the latest opportunities as soon as possible. However, enterprises with fewer resources have to make an optimum allocation for maximum gains. Through Futrli, Whiz Consulting aims to capture the small, medium, and large enterprises in diverse industries, including real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, hospitality, legal, and media. The sources at Whiz Consulting state, "We like to offer our clients maximum convenience by giving them access to all-in-one forecasting and reporting tools. The pandemic has shaken up the sales figures. However, the staff at Whiz Consulting is offering expert guidance to gain profits even in these tough times." After analyzing the reports, they ensure projection of up to 10 years. Their packages provide accessibility and affordability to all the clients irrespective of their scale of operations. To be working in an environment rich in skills and proficiency is a dream come true for us," says the advisory members at Whiz Consulting.

About Whiz Consulting

Whiz Consulting is a premium accounting and bookkeeping firm that utilizes the latest advancements in technology to grow a business. They hire individuals with vast experience in the industry and offer a work culture of learning and rising. They ensure their services to be cost-efficient and satisfactory in all respects for their clients. They provide overall accounting & bookkeeping services and even individual services like accounts payable services, accounts receivable management?services, reconciliation, or even payroll.

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