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Moksha Lifestyle to Introduce Organic Hydrosols’ New Range Online

2021-11-27 06:16:35 Health and Fitness


Essential oils are a new, popular trend among natural beauty and health lovers. And there are a lot of questions out there about this powerful oil. Since essential oils are our specialty, we are here to answer frequently asked questions.

Why is quality so important with essential oils?

To get the results of the textbook on aromatherapy it is important that only the very finest quality pure essential oils are used at all times. Cheap, low-essential oils bring unintended consequences which means you will eventually be wasting your precious money, rather than saving any. It can do nothing at all - in other words, you will not get the benefits, and at worst you may experience allergies to oils and feel skin irritation, sensitivity, or other side effects.

This is because essential oils are diluted with a synthetic chemical component, or perhaps because they are completely synthetic. Dishonest traders and dealers often 'extend' expensive oils by adding cheaper ingredients to them to make the product more profitable. This can cause problems for unsuspecting clients who try to use these oils in aromatherapy - sometimes with disastrous results. Most people are allergic to artificial ingredients, which is why they are relocated to ‘fragrance-free cosmetics some time back.
Of course, not everyone is sensitive to synthetic or contaminated oil and the problem should not be exaggerated, but it is still unethical and dishonest to sell crude oil or processed under the pretense of being pure and essential natural oils. After all, you are paying for something that you are not getting. Synthetic or adulterated oils contain little or no therapeutic properties and usually do not apply to aromatherapy.

Do essential oils cause acne?
Naturally produced oil is not an enemy. In fact, they are the most important foundation in a complete skincare program. With comedogenic oils, such as mineral oils or visible oils can cause you to explode. Our oil compounds are completely derived from plants, so they will not clog the pores or cause them to explode. In general, essential oils are full of antioxidants and have strong anti-bacterial properties, so instead, they are known to repair skin damage and nourish it continuously.
Can essential oils be applied to all skin types, including oily skin?
The oil-based plant extracts are light and easy to absorb on your skin and are oil-free. Special natural oils will help balance your oil product from overproduction, so using certain types of essential oils can help control the problem and help you find balance. In fact, it has actually been proven to be better than most cosmetics.

Are essential oils allowed for summer use?

Warm weather promotes heavy sebum production, but using some essential oils in the morning is an excellent way to reduce excess sebum production throughout the day. The skin is noticeably more hydrated and reduces oil spills on its own. Also, essential oils do not leave a residue on the skin, which they absorb more quickly, giving the skin a better glow throughout the year.

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