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All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists writes to Ratan Tata on malpractices at 1MG

2023-09-09 03:26:15 Miscellaneous


Mumbai, India, 30th September 2021: AIOCD, i.e., The All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists, a premier body in the field of medicine, engaged in written communication to former Tata Sons Chairman Ratan Tata, current chairman of Tata Sons N Chandrashekharan and President of Tata Digital Mukesh Bansal.

Rajiv Singhal and J.S. Shinde, the respective General Secretary and President of AIOCD wrote a letter on behalf of their organization. The objective of AIOCD behind taking this action was to put forth their concerns regarding Tata 1MG (formerly known as ‘1MG’). Based in Gurgaon, India, Tata 1MG is a business firm established to provide online services related to health, such as medical consultation and knowledge-sharing. The company also sells medicines online to people all over the country. The legendary Tata Group has invested in 1MG via their company ‘Tata Digital’. Through this letter, AIOCD tried to bring to the attention of the recipients the malpractices followed by 1MG. One of the members of this body, which represents 9.4 lakh chemists and pharmaceutical distributors in India, had an unpleasant experience with one of the representatives of the health platform. AIOCD shared this experience briefly in this letter.The letter stated how 1MG sells prescription medicines to pharmacies with a flat 30% discount. The company also sells prescription drugs, i.e., drugs that can be sold only if a valid prescription made by a doctor is available. The prescription, in this case, is prepared by the medical professionals who work with 1MG.

Another point mentioned in the letter was how 1MG is indulging in unethical practices that can put the health of people at risk to increase their revenue. These unethical practices include selling large quantities of medicines without a valid prescription by billing in the name of individuals and not business firms. The reason that compelled AIOCD to write this letter was the reply given by 1MG’s representative on enquiring about the practices followed by the company. According to AIOCD, the representatives of the company are justifying everything in the name of TATA, whose brand reputation is impeccable all around the world. In the letter, a mention was being made about the letter previously sent to Ratan Tata by AIOCD. Through that letter, AIOCD requested the business tycoon to rethink his decision regarding the investment in 1MG.

The letter ended by describing the trust The All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists has in Ratan Tata. The organization truly believes that he is unaware of how 1MG is conducting business and misusing the brand name of Tata Group. AIOCD is looking for a swift inquiry and a consequent action on the same, ensuring the malpractices are taken care of and business order within the pharmacy industry is resumed.

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