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Volnaa has sold 30,000 recyclable units in the span of 2 months to combat the threat of plastic pollution

2022-05-23 10:34:56 Environment


VOLNAA has sold its 30,000 units of can in a timeline of 2 months. VOLNAA has combat the threat of plastic pollution by producing 100% recyclable cans.

VOLNAA was created in 2020 by Kartik Rajput and Kushagra Sharma with the goal of bringing pure mineral water from the Himalayas with a pH of 7.9. “VOLNAA means waves, and we're using it to help India become plastic-free by providing natural mineral water in cans,” Sharma explained. He also stated that the goods may be moved from the shelf to the bins and back to the shelf in 60 days.

Drinking water from a plastic bottle has been a cause of anxiety for many of us. We are all aware of the negative health impacts of plastic. Not only that, but they're also quite bad for the environment.

“VOLNAA” means “waves,” and much like a wave is generated by the sea above the rest of the surface, we have taken that same sentiment and established this firm to help our country become plastic-free. By offering natural mineral water, we adhere to the feeling while also servicing the customers. VOLNAA adheres to the goal of delivering the highest quality at reasonable costs, benefiting both the environment and the consumer's wallet.”




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