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King Air Ambulance Service in Bhopal Presented Spectrum Aeromed 2800 Series with Critical Care Capabilities

2021-10-25 02:53:24 Health and Fitness


Thursday, September 23, 2021: The King Air Ambulance has launched a versatile Spectrum Aeromed 2800 series for critical care even in large aircraft. The use of advanced medical equipment during flying hours in the Air Ambulance Service in Bhopal has been the top priority of the company. This aids while saving the life of critical patients during medical emergencies.
About the Module Spectrum Aeromed 2800 Series
The medical device offered by King Air Ambulance is known as Spectrum Aeromed 2800 series. The device is versatile and could be used in critical care in large aircraft too. In the fixed and router wing of Air Ambulance, numerous STCs are fixed. The module is lightweight, compact, and could be fit in even small aircraft. The functional and durable design of this module leads to the long life of air ambulances. Depending on the size of the air ambulance it is fixed for single or multiple patient configurations.
The module contains a dual supply method, oxygen, medical air, and vacuum. The machine is inbuilt with IV mounts. The device is facile to use and easy to clean. It could even be colored custom. From executive to EMS configuration of the aircraft using a unique seat rail adapter allows for quick and easy conversion in approximately 15 minutes. For multiple roles and eliminating time-consuming conversions, the air ambulance is handy. For the conversion, no specific tool is indispensable. It provided a fully stretchable stretcher and backrest. The stretcher consists of a thick foam pad, and it is very lightweight. It also contains a durable frame and expandable armrest. That helps in providing comfort to the patient. The Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai run under King Air Ambulance has been running after the comfort and safety of the patient.
By operating different equipment tables the patient monitoring device and medical devices are secured in the aircraft. With the help of an expandable arm, patients could fit in, and it also helps the medical personnel to get more access to patient care. The supply panel provided at overhead is movable along with the length. That aids the patient in the movement of their body parts. Access to comfort is possible only with Air Ambulance Service in Bhopal & Mumbai. This module is reserved to secure stretchers accommodated for adults and even infants.
King Air Ambulance service has been one of the pioneers of this field. Safely transporting the patient not only adds one more success to our list but also brings a sigh of relief to us. The vision of our company was to provide satisfaction to the patient and meeting the expectation of our patent. You don’t need to worry about the service after the registration because our priority is the safety of your loved ones.

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