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Sultry Songstress Cheri Janae Releases Her New Single "Perfidia Love"

2021-10-26 01:53:28 News & Society


Chicago, IL (September 18th, 2021) - Rising singer Cheri Janae recently released her new single for her fans — Perfidia Love. The Hip Hop star released her new track in collaboration with the Reggae powerhouse, Teeardropz, on August 22, 2021 via Manatee Records. The beautiful song has been liked and streamed across music streaming platforms thousands of times and has put Cheri Janae on a new pedestal. “I was taken back to the days when reggae was at its peak and people were drooling over those classics one after another. Cheri Janae and Teeardropz really brought back the glory days with Perfidia Love”, said an avid reggae fan.

Born and brought up in Chicage, IL, Cheri Janae has had a humble beginning and a childhood full of loving music. Her flair for the classics led her to become trained in Mozart and Gerswhin at the highest levels. While doing these, she also discovered her talent at writing and songwriting. Today, she is an accomplished singer in the genres of R&B, Hip Hop, Latin music, Reggae and Dance music. She is known to fuse the genres beautifully and produce fantastic numbers such as Rewind featuring the Chicago Caribbean producer Solid Shane and Perfidia Love featuring the rising Jamaican star Teeardropz.

“Cheri Janae is one of a kind of a singer. She is a performer with a sharp brain. She has performed in venues of all sizes across different states such as The House Of Blues, Clear Channel Summer Block Party, The International Music Festival Chicago etc. She has even worked with Hip Hop star Ray J and Will Jordan, who happens to be the writer of “Fly”, the hit Nicki Minaj song ft Rihanna. Perfidia Love does what no one in the modern Hip Hop genre has been able to do - resurrect the golden days of Reggae. Go and listen to the track now!”, said the manager of Cheri Janae.

Cheri Janae is a Chicago based Hip Hop and Reggae singer. She is trained in classics like Mozart and is a popular Hip Hop and Reggae artist. She just released her latest track called Perfidia Love ft Teeardropz.

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