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Breaking! Fire Proof 1 Records And Gospel Artist T.B. Ink New Deal with Uamg Record Label

2021-10-22 12:55:14 News & Society


Memphis, TN (September 18th, 2021) - Gospel Recording Studio Fire Proof 1 and popular American Gospel Artist T.B. have inked a new deal with UAMG Record Label. The Tennessee based record studio and UAMG are going to release some beautiful Christ and Gospel-centric music in association with Sony Music and The Orchard. "Under the terms of the new strategic distribution deal, UAMG will provide label services utilizing a “conception to completion” model, world-class A&R, marketing, radio promotions, publicity, consulting and function as a digital distributor through its Sony Music/The Orchard partnership for all master recordings and visuals", said a spokesperson for Fire Proof 1.

Fire Proof 1 is headed by Terence Boyce, popularly known as T.B. He is a Gospel Award and Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award-winning recording artist. He is very popular in the global Christian world for his God-edifying, Spirit-guided, Christ-centric music. Countless people have benefitted in various ways from his music, his record company and his ministry. Through his record, he is constantly looking for new artists who are willing to take the gospel, the message of Christ to the streets. His urban Hip Hop label smashes the Hip Hop industry everyday with his beautiful music and his ministry.

"T.B. has come a long way with his talent in music. All thanks to God, today he is working with some very big names, record labels and music distributors to release new music. Together they will conceive, record and release T.B.'s music. We'll let you know more later if there will be other music artists representing Fire Proof 1 along with T.B. But for now, let's rejoice in the fact that God has presented another opportunity for Fire Proof 1 and T.B. to spread the gospel and the message of Christ to the world", said the spokesperson for Fire Proof 1.

About Fire Proof 1 Records:
Fire Proof 1 Records is a record label founded by Gospel Artist Terrence Boyce (T.B). Their motto is — Walk by faith, not by sight" — 2 Corinthians 5:7

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