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J Devlin Glass Art Raises the Bar for High-Quality Photo Frames

2021-10-25 05:35:30 Business


Lincoln, NEBRASKA: Time stops for no man, so it is important that we hold on to our memories and precious moments as long as we can before they slip away through our fingers. Keeping photographs of our favorite people and memories in picture frames is a great way to maintain those memories as best as we can. They give us a physical reminder of our past and our loved ones so that we always have something that we can look at when we are feeling nostalgic and sentimental. Something as meaningful as a photograph you treasure needs a high-quality picture frame to protect, preserve, and display it proudly.

J Devlin Glass Art comes into play with incredibly stunning, detailed glass picture frames that utilize traditional glass art techniques and craftsmanship to produce amazing picture frames that are almost as beautiful as the pictures they hold. This brand of glass art offers only the finest work, employing expert craftsmen to showcase their skills by hand-crafting their designs. These picture frames feature stained glass detailing, embossing, and beaded glass texture to create impressive works of art, fit for the pictures they contain.

They draw inspiration from classic styles found in vintage or antique art and use that to create timeless pieces that stand out in a home. Anyone looking to buy picture frames online would want to look at J Devlin Glass Art for ideas on how they can decorate their home using elegant glass picture frames. They offer quite a variety of designs with accents of color here and there adding personality to their universal designs. Many play off of dimensionality with raised surfaces, textured glass, and pronounced soldering at joints, indicating where the individual components had been fused together by hand.

Many producers of picture frames focus on quantity over quality and it shows in the final product. It is often apparent where they cut corners and rushed production in order to put more of their products out on shelves. When consumers try to buy picture frames online, they are often disappointed with their purchase once they receive it. J Devlin Glass Art takes a different approach to their work. Instead of attempting to create as many lost cost photo frames as possible, they focus on producing high-quality frames that will last. This is a great attitude to have towards picture frames in general, so it is refreshing to see a company have that attitude toward their work. When you buy picture frames online, you are essentially looking to invest in something that will spend years in your life. Your picture frames should last as long as the photograph it holds, shielding and creating a standing display for it. You want picture frames that are high-quality and will be able to age as the picture itself does.

Those interested in premium glass picture frames are welcome to visit to see images of these frames up-close and in detail. You can also learn more about the crafting process for the photo frames on their website, which provides helpful information under their product listings. For any specific questions, you can reach out to the team at J Devlin Glass Art by phone at 844-772-2145 or by email at

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