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Tilswall Launches Electric Paint Sprayer to Make Your Home Repairs More Efficient

2021-09-20 04:49:22 Home and Family


Tilswall, the home power tool specialist making more durable, beautiful, lightweight and safer power tools for professional users and DIY enthusiasts, is launching an electric paint sprayer on 12 September 2021, designed to make home improvement work faster and more efficient.

"Paint sprayers are very important for renovating a house, a good product can achieve very good results and save time, to speed up this process tilswall engineers have designed this electric paint sprayer specifically to make this tedious job easier." Says David Chen, Brand Director at Tilswall.

The Tilswall paint sprayer doesn't compromise on functionality or quality! Variable air pressure control from 0 to 1200 ml/minute varies how hard the sprayer releases the paint, finishing as early as possible with powerful horsepower. Ideal for edges, corners and wide internal surfaces for all kinds of jobs and DIY projects.

Tilswall high efficiency 550W with removable 1300ML large container with 3 different nozzle sizes (?1.0mm, ?1.8mm, ?2.6mm) to suit any task. Suitable for tables, chair carts, blinds and any wooden furniture.

9.84ft cable and 120 Din/S: 9.84ft/3M cable adds more accessibility when you need more mobility; 120 Din/S supports high viscosity to avoid easy spray gun spattering and splattering, even with latex paints. Ideal for decking, fencing, furniture, trim, sheds, railings and garages.

3 spray patterns and 3 nozzle sizes: the paint sprayer can be adjusted to 3 different spray patterns: horizontal/vertical/round with 3 nozzle sizes (1.00Mm/1.8Mm/2..6Mm) 1.00Mm is ideal for sealers and varnishes such as thin paints, 1.8 mm is ideal for spraying latex, chalk type paints and milk type paints, 2.6 mm is ideal for low viscosity primers and wall paints.

This electric paint sprayer has received a lot of positive feedback since its launch and is now available for purchase on Amazon and in the flagship shop.

For more information, please visit the official website:

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