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Connectivity Space Berlin opened to test and demonstrate new ways in laboratory digitization and automation.

2023-05-28 08:53:37 Miscellaneous


Berlin, 09/07/2021: Software provider for laboratory data management partners with innovative companies to open up a laboratory to showcase the digital transformation of research, development and quality control in life sciences, pharma and chemistry. With the "Connectivity Space", partner companies focus on integrating solutions, establishing data standards and developing innovative ideas for the lab work of the future.

Laboratories generate vast amounts of data, but unfortunately the efficient production of meaningful results often fails because the various laboratory instruments, analysis systems, documentation and evaluation software cannot communicate with each other, even though the individual components in themselves solve highly complex tasks. Laboratory work and data management operate more like a manufacturer"s workshop than a modern production line.
"There is a lack of connectivity between the individual components," says Dr. Simon Bungers, CEO and co-founder of Labforward GmbH. "Laboratory technology is a bit like how you would imagine the stereotypical scientist: Highly intelligent as an individual, but not particularly communicative."
To counter this image, Labforward and its partners essentim, FLUICS, Smart Lab Architects, Waldner Laboreinrichtungen, Dperthal Sicherheitstechnik, bAhead, Antibodies Online, 2mag, Tecan and Better Basic Laborbedarf have now opened the Connectivity Space Berlin, which was presented today at smartLAB connects, a conference hosted by Deutsche Messe AG. The lab was designed and set up in just one week in June - in a hackathon organized before the conference, the partners integrated devices, sensors and software solutions to provide a new platform perspective on lab technology.
"It's tremendous what you can achieve when you come together in one place and talk to each other. As a result, technology can communicate better with each other as well," says Matthias Schuh, co-founder and CEO of smart sensor technology provider, essentim. "Since both Labforward and us are built on standardized web interfaces, we can now display data from our sensor solution in real time in Laboperator, Labforward's lab execution and monitoring software." The result is flexible, GxP-ready lab dashboards that let lab staff and auditors view current or historical trends in temperature, CO2 levels and other environmental parameters in rooms, cooling systems or incubators at any time and compile them as a report.
Labforward and essentim are now planning a joint offering for the Sensor Dashboard. Additional product and distribution collaborations are being planned amongst the partners.
"Connectivity enables communication, which in turn enables new ideas and opportunities to flourish. The Connectivity Space is intended to accelerate commercial partnerships in addition to joint R&D." says Dr. Simon Bungers.
If you are interested in participating in the Connectivity Space, companies, universities and research institutes can contact

Company :-Labforward GmbH

User :- Simon Bungers


Phone :-004930 86459390

Url :-

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