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Amity University Haryana organising World Doctorate Day 2021

2022-08-10 05:36:09 Events / Trade Shows


The World Doctorates Day is celebrated on August 25th with a singular objective to make Doctoral Research a powerful asset to advance the frontiers of knowledge and inspire researchers around the globe to translate new knowledge into innovated products, improved processes and create new enterprises to empower the nations of the world with the power of knowledge and Scientific and Technological advancements to strengthen nations' economies and solve the pressing problems faced by the humanity around the globe. 

Needless to say, that over the decades of relentless quest for deep scientific explorations carried out through doctoral research in universities around the world has enabled the mankind to scale the heights of glory and build a great global community ushering unprecedented growth and development on planet Mother Earth and carry out highly meaningful explorations around the universe.

This phenomenal progress however has brought a number of formidable challenges such as Climate Change, Mounting levels of Air, Water and Soil Pollution, a Consumerist Society depleting rapidly the natural resources and deep disparity on economic and social fronts. On top the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges of Redesigning the world from a totally new perspective of sustainability and harmony with nature. The material progress made so far and the scientific advancements achieved along side with phenomenal technology breakthroughs are being re-examined from the point of view of the renewed threat posed by the microbial kingdom as seen during the great disruption caused during the last over a year during pandemic lockdowns.

Naturally, the doctoral research is to be reoriented towards solving these pressing problems while at the same time contributing to foster accelerated growth and development. The research in frontal areas of info-nano-bio with an integral approach and on the strength of convergence technologies focusing on health and well being along side with sustainable growth of nations economy hold a great promise now that the ingenuity of man and his innovativeness has been unleased multifold.

While the prime objective of Doctoral research remains pure and pious with the commitment toengage in the discovery of the truth and create a more profound understanding of the world around, it is equally important that the doctoral research is targeted to build a happy, prosperous, and blissful world community to serve the interest of man and Mother Nature together.

“We need to constantly remind the researchers around the world of the mandatory non-negotiable compliance to Research Integrity, Scientific Ethics and Professional Morality that need to be complied by researchers around the world with utmost sincerity and unconditional commitment to build a kind, compassionate and blissful world of our dreams”, says eminent academician Professor Pritam B Sharma, Vice Chancellor Amity University Gurugram who is also the host this year for the World Doctorate Day 2021.

“I am delighted to mention that Amity University Haryana has been given the privilege to be the host university for organising the World Doctorates Day on Wednesday,  August 25, 2021. It is indeed a matter of great honour that a galaxy of eminent speakers including Nobel laureate of Peace Shri Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate of Peace Prof Muhammad Yunus, Distinguished National Scientist Dr RA Mashelkar, Distinguished Educationist Padma Shri JS Rajput have sent their recorded video addresses while a good number of Eminent Speakers from India and abroad have consented to address various sessions of the program” says Dr SanjanaVij, the Organising Secretary of the World Doctorate Day 2021.

The World Doctorate Day 2021 is being organised as 9th International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Doctoral Research (ICICDR-2021) Coordinated and organized by Amity University Haryana under the aegis of Global Network of Doctorates. The daylong celebration of the World Doctorate Day 2021 on 25th August 2021 will be attended by over 10000 researchers around the world. The program also includes country perspectives on Doctoral research from eminent speakers from US, UK, Europe, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Zimbabwe informs Dr Kamal Kant Dwivedi, the Conference Chairman and Senior Vice President of Amity Education Group.

It is hoped that the noble thoughts shared by galaxy of speakers on the day shall inspire researchers engaged in Doctoral research and funded R&D to devote their life for the pursuit of Research and Development with the purity of mind, nobility of thoughts and unconditional commitment to create a caring and compassionate humanity, says Prof Sharma who is also the founder Vice-Chancellor of DTU and RGTU, is the past President of AIU and currently the Chairman of AIU Committee on Ranking, Rating and Accreditation of Universities.
The program will be graced by the August presence of Foubder President of Amity Education Group Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Hon’ble Chancellor AUH and country’s eminent scientist Padma Bhushan Dr Vijay K Bhatkar, the father of India’s Param supercomputer as the Chief Guest.

User :- Prashant Dahiya


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