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HR Experts At BSH Recommend Performance Evaluations Regularly For Maximum Productivity

2021-10-13 01:27:50 Business


Dubai, United Arab Emirates - HR experts at BSH, one of the leading Payroll providers in the Middle-east, recommend regular performance evaluations for maximum productivity.

Productivity has been a prominent element that affects an organization's success, growth, and competitive status in the dynamic business world. Amidst all the measures taken to improve organizational productivity, the HR experts at BSH recommend performance evaluation as an effective strategy to maximize productivity.

They said, "Regular performance evaluation maximizes organizational productivity in three main ways; improving employee engagement, effective training and development, and constructive alignment of organizational and employee goals."

The experts also believe that when employees are evaluated on their performance and recognized appropriately in terms of rewards, benefits, or even appreciation, they feel that their efforts and performance are valued within an organization. It also delivers a feeling of achievement and encouragement for employees while enriching a sense of belongingness within an organization. All these effects of rewards management based on regular performance evaluation will keep employees motivated and encouraged to do better every time, which increases employee engagement and thereby maximizes productivity.

"Besides, regular performance evaluation enables HR managers to get a true measurement of employee performance and develop effective training and development programs that will make a real impact in terms of organizational productivity. For example, regular performance evaluation will give a clear view of the key areas' employees' lack of performance and accordingly develop training and development programs to comprehensively cater to these issues, rather than merely investing in programs that make no difference in productivity levels. Furthermore, the results of regular performance evaluation and the pattern of training and development programs executed will also give a thorough idea on what types of talent or skills an organization lacks for maximizing productivity when making future recruitment decisions."

Concluding the recommendation, the HR experts at BSH said, "Performance evaluation also allows employees to get a better understanding of how their goals need to be adjusted to better align with that of the organization. This enables employees to get a better sense of loyalty and responsibility in how their role affects organizational success. In addition, depending on the evaluation results, HR managers can also effectively adjust the tasks or functions of different teams, departments, and employees to align their performance towards organizational goals productively."

They also added that when employees know what they need to direct their work towards, it becomes easy to eliminate irrelevant, unclear, non-beneficial tasks that consume time and energy, thereby maximizing productivity.

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Since 1993, BSH has been delivering state-of-the-art proprietary solutions to the middle-east market to streamline HCM processes and reduce costs. Following 10 years of partnership with world-leader ADP (Automated Data processing) and servicing over 300 multinationals operating in the Middle East, they have also secured a leading regional role in the fast-growing global payroll.

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