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Uncovering BSH's User Friendly Platform For Efficient Payroll Solutions

2021-10-24 09:58:18 Business


Dubai, United Arab Emirates - BSH, one of the leading Payroll providers across the Middle East, uncovers their exclusive user-friendly platform for an efficient payroll solution.

A manual payroll process has always made it challenging to balance accuracy and efficiency. It also makes legal compliance and security a daunting task.

Referring to the efficiency constraint manual payroll processes come with, experts at BSH said, “Basic manual payroll processes, on average, consumes 5-6 hours of work per day. On the other hand, Payroll taxes, which is another exclusive function performed under payroll, take up 6 hours of work per day. A payroll mistake will also need 15 minutes on average to be rectified. These manual payroll processes also require qualified and specialized professionals and come with a separate HRM cost.”

Payroll errors can put both employers and organizations into serious legal issues and penalties. Many payroll professionals also say that manual payroll takes a lengthy learning curve, is tedious, confusing, frustrating, and is likely to result in more errors. All these drawbacks of a manual payroll process, added with the requirement to be accurate to avoid legal risks, make the overall manual payroll process extremely time-consuming.

“If an efficient payroll solution is in place, all the time, labor, and financial resources a manual payroll process consumes can be effectively invested in other productive and rewarding business operations, especially in areas that require human skills. And this is exactly what we aim through our exclusive payroll platform at BSH.”

BSH's user-friendly payroll platform provides a streamlined one-click payroll generation process that eliminates human errors and delivers a timely, secure, and efficient payroll solution. Most importantly, the tax and social insurance calculations, their payroll platform features, effectively eliminates all legal uncertainties and inaccuracies associated within a manual payroll process. Moreover, with BSH’s payroll system users can also avail the ultimate benefit of setting up their pay groups at an entity, country, or cross-country level, which facilitates efficient multi-currency payroll functions.

“The user-friendliness and efficiency BSH’s payroll platform upholds also allows users to pre-define payroll tasks or even make instant adjustments to cope up with last-minute changes, allowing to quickly set up and process payroll outside the regular cycle, thereby enhancing efficiency. Above all, the BSH payroll platform is developed to eliminate operational inefficiencies aptly. It does this by regularly monitoring all the reruns, processing time, and reasons for reruns, which can provide timely reports to analyze and take actions against the causes for breakdowns, efficiency issues, or any other drawbacks with the platform.”

About BSH
BSH has secured a leading regional role in the fast-growing global payroll since 1993. They have been offering to the Middle East market state-of-the-art proprietary solutions to streamline and improve HCM processes' efficiency and reduce their costs. Following 10 years of partnership with world-leader ADP (Automated Data Processing), they serviced over 300 multinationals in the Middle East.

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