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The Dynamic Evolution of 2°much to Counter CO2 Emissions by Planting Trees

2022-05-24 10:27:00 Environment


July 29, 2021 -- Sophia-Antipolis, France: In these critical times when every measure to counter the effects of climate change can be decisive, it’s safe to say that any platform that works toward that is worthy of every support possible. Any carbon offset subscription or carbon offset project deserves to flourish, especially now when time is of the essence.

2°much is but one of the few climate action platforms that are actively looking for solutions to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. How? By planting trees, which then paves the way to restoring whole ecosystems and saving endangered species.

Like many organizations that are actively fighting the effects of climate change, the platform’s evolution is not without remarkable facets. What started as a group with the passion of planting more trees soon turned into a serious, well-synchronized movement that has the main goal of addressing the “2ºC problem” that the world and its various ecosystems are currently facing.

“At the heart of our efforts is the drive to lower CO2 emissions around the world,” says Jessica, one of the platform’s leaders. “In the past, we were heartened by learning the knowledge that planting trees can already do much to offset carbon. However, we soon found out that it’s actually not enough.

“We soon learned that we have to take a more comprehensive approach. By this, we mean that we should also invest our efforts in developing and restoring ecosystems. It’s the safer, more sustainable approach, since planting trees alone does not ensure optimal outcomes like protection from deforestation or natural causes.

“It also didn’t take long for us to realize that combatting CO2 emissions can’t be focused on a single collective of individuals and groups alone. Rather, we need everyone’s involvement. Companies, big or small, should also bear the burden of reducing CO2 emissions since all of us are, more or less, responsible for ensuring that we reduce our CO2 footprint worldwide.”

2°much’s dynamic evolution could not be more evident in the variety of ways that the platform allows you to offset your carbon footprint. From the basic “I Just Want to Plant a Tree!” package to the more robust one called, “I Want to Restore a Forest”, the platform is not just creative but efficient in the way they let people go about with personal carbon offsetting.

We can also see this in how you’re also able to choose to restore habitats for certain endangered species like the bison, pronghorn, Aplomado falcon, and black bear. You can even choose to rescue bee colonies or restore illegally logged forests.

Take note that all of these packages are either one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions. What makes things more interesting is the fact that the platform is also considerably transparent in the development it’s making. Should you choose to plant a tree, you’ll be given all the freedom in the world to view its growth and development over the years. The same for colonies, habitats, species restoration, and entire ecosystems.

“It’s truly heartening to see how far we’ve come, especially with our humble beginnings in mind. What’s equally humbling and gratifying is the steadily growing number of patrons and advocates that we are getting as time goes by. It’s clear proof that our vision of having an entire world uniting to save itself from the dangerous, life-threatening repercussions of uncontrolled global warming and climate change is slowly being realized,” adds Miguel.

“These facts just go to show that there are more than a handful of people out there who realize the dangers that we and the entire ecosystems of the world are currently facing. It just underscores the fact that plenty of people, despite all the negativity, problems, and pessimism in this current age, still care. And, to us, that’s more than enough fuel for us to make it to the finish line.”

As of this writing, 2°much’s climate action program is still rapidly growing. Almost every hour, there’s an individual purchasing an offset carbon footprint package from their site. The platform is also continually updating its product catalog, and coming up with more creative and effective ways to help realize our collective goals.

“You don’t need to go to Google then search for ways to offset my carbon footprint. Go to our main website directly and learn about our advocacy, what we are fighting for and will continue to fight for in this crucial decade and the years to come.”

Whether 2°much succeeds in achieving its ultimate goal is still in question. Nonetheless, we can’t help but laud the efforts of these groups, especially as they are doing it against seemingly insurmountable odds.

In the end, every action toward climate change mitigation is a good step toward the right direction. That alone is enough to inspire. That alone is enough to spur many of us to act now.

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