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Susamp Apps Launches New Features in My Stuff Organizer App, Personal Inventory Manager, For its Users.

2022-08-17 12:28:28 Miscellaneous


Susamp Apps has announced today that they have introduced a new update feature in its App, My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management. The new updated features are Out of Stock Option - for Small business Inventory management, Barcode scanner - To add barcodes of a product or to create custom barcodes if needed, Lend/borrow - to ease Stuff organization

My Stuff Organizer is an inventory management app, Specially designed for users who have difficulty handling too much stuff, users who have a memory disorder, individuals who want to manage their personal & home Stuff, and also for small businesses to manage their inventory.

My Stuff Organizer can help individuals to organize any kind of stuff: Electronics, Groceries, Clothes, etc., This app helps them to organize their things with details such as photos, price, category, purchase date, warranty, quantity, the status of that thing and other details like where they stored it.

Based on these, The app can find “Where’s your Stuff” or with whom it is. The app gives Guarantee/Warranty reminders. Individuals can use this app as an expense tracker & use this app to plan their budget. The app prevents them to buy same stuff as well.

Small businesses can use this app to manage their inventory. Out-of-stock option & barcodes scanner features help them a lot. The app helps them to create custom barcodes, if needed, for free. All the details of inventory are easily shareable via this app. This way, small businesses can prevent themselves to purchase excess inventory & assist them to reduce costs of inventory.

The CEO of Susamp Apps has said that” The new features will help users and small businesses track inventory even better. Unlike the traditional method (Pen-paper), Users can easily back up/restore their data, if somehow they lost it. My team working on new features to improve the quality of the app. We are going to introduce them soon”.

Download My Stuff organizer: For Home inventory Management & Manage your stuff like never before.

Company :-Susamp Apps

User :- Disha Parchani


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