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CUKTCA Makes Work Permit Processing Faster for the UK

2023-09-19 07:34:02 Miscellaneous


UK Nationals can now have their work permits processed faster after the post-Brexit agreement between UK and Canada on April 1. Prior to this, UK nations are covered in CETA; they are now eligible to get work permits under CUKTCA (Canada UK Trade Continuity Agreement). The Processing will be faster under this program as there is no Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) required for the appellants to be selected.

Those UK nationals who are already working in Canada under CETA and would like to extend their work permit need to fill a new application under CUKTCA.

This new program is based on CETA, and the streams available under this program are –
Business Visitors
• Investors
• Contractors and Professionals
• Intracompany transferees
• Engineering and scientific Technologists

Business Visitors
There are two categories of Business visitors who are covered under this: Short term business visitors and secondly those business visitors who are there for investment purposes.

Short-term business investors can stay up to 90 days in a six-month period. They come to Canada for specific projects and duties like meetings, consultations, and research. The other ones for Investment purposes come for a Specialist position, and they are responsible for setting up an enterprise. However, they are not allowed to engage in direct transactions with the public.

They are key personals who can stay in Canada for one year and possibly get an extension as well. The Investor applicants who can apply under this are –

• Those who will establish, develop or administer an operation as a supervisor
• The investor
• Employed by the company that is committing a substantial amount of capital

Contractors and Professionals
Independent professionals can come to Canada under CUKTCA. The services that they provide cannot be for more than one year.

Intracompany transferees
Companies can transfer their employees under the Intracompany provisions. The eligible applicants can either be senior personnel. Specialist or graduate trainees

Engineering and scientific Technologists
Engineering and scientific Technologists who have a job in Canada are eligible under this stream. The employer can submit employment under the government employer portal and pay CAD 230 as a compliance fee. The applicant needs to carry out the duties as per the qualifications’ in Canada.

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