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The House of Bejan Daruwalla, an eminent astrology solution in India, is all set to carry its legacy forward

2023-10-01 11:49:33 Miscellaneous


The sons of Bejan Daruwalla, an eminent astrologer of India, Nastur Daruwalla, and Chirag Daruwalla are all set to carry their father’s legacy forward with their official website.

Astrologer Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla is the world's renowned astrologer, and prophesier is a significant name in the world of Indian astrology. Bejan Daruwalla, the devotee of Ganesha, is known as one of the great 100 astrologers in India in the last 1000 years.

His sons Nastur Daruwalla and Chirag Daruwalla are his successors who are now carrying forward their father's legacy.

Bejan Daruwalla's elder son Nastur Daruwalla has an expertise of great astrological skills that he has inherited and learned from his father. He has been solving many complex problems for people for years now, which makes him the first choice in terms of astrology for many. He is efficient in giving the best and effective solutions to everyone regarding all the major problems. 

Chirag Daruwalla, the younger son of Lt. Shri Bejan Daruwalla, is also part of this great initiative to carry forward their father’s legacy. Chirag has 20 years of experience, and he is an expert in solving problems related to health, career, finance, business, and many other fields. His profound knowledge in every segment of astrology makes him the deserving successor of his late father and elder brother.

The Daruwalla family has been serving people for more than decades.  Now they are expanding their services more.  Sons of Bejan Daruwalla have started an astrology service website in the name of their late father to carry forward his mastery in astrology, horoscopes, and other prediction-related solutions.

During the time of the pandemic, the physical visits to the astrologers are difficult, but the life happenings will not stop. Problems are part of human lives, but setting back with the problems and accepting them is not the solution at all.

You need to find out the remedies for it, addressing the real problem, so that you can retain the happiness and peace of mind in your life.

This is why the House of Bejan Daruwalla comes to you with plenty of solutions and services that you can get access to with a simple call. Chirag, the astrologer’s friend, is always ready to answer and resolve all your problems related to life happenings and other problems.

The House of Bejan Daruwalla has all the solutions related to the various problems related to business, husband-wife dispute problem, job and career problem, marriage delay problem, and black magic removal.

Also, they offer services and solutions for the lucky gemstone recommendations, match-making, sad sati, numerology, and palmistry.  Sons of Daruwalla perform all the necessary calculations through your birth date, birth time, place, and current occupation. They listen to all your queries and questions and give you remedies after considering all the planetary positions which are creating an obstacle in your life.

They offer other services like accessing your Janam Kundali, personalized prediction, match-making astrology, love marriage-related solutions for both the Manglik and non-Manglik entities so that you can get the happiness of your life within your hands.

Also, through their website, you can purchase their store products, Manek/Ruby that boosts your confidence, Mukhi Rudraksha for peace, Ganesha Yantra for success, happiness, and prosperity, Moti mala for success, and Red Coral to boost your self-confidence, with the proper assistance and guidance about how to use those properly.

This initiative of the sons of Bejan Daruwalla is not only taking forward the legacy of astrology of their father, but also it is making the solution service and remedies easier for people who are struggling with their life happenings and continuous obstacles in the path of their success.  Through this website, people can get solutions to their problems with just one call. Also, it allows people to book their appointments with Nastur and Chirag from all over the world. You can even get online solutions for your problems with the proper consultation and guidance.

About the company: 

Bejan Daruwalla, the father of Nastur Daruwalla and Chirag Daruwalla, is an award-winning astrologer who had been solving problems in the field of astrology for years. Both the sons of Bejan Daruwalla have profound knowledge in various areas of astrology and years of expertise to give suitable solutions to the people. So, the house of Bejan Daruwalla has been serving people worldwide for more than decades now.

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