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The Pros and Cons of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

2021-09-24 12:27:04 Home and Family


If you plan to build a home in an area with a lovely view, you must take advantage of the beauty outdoors. The best way to incorporate external beauty is with windows. The bigger the windows, the more you begin to feel like you are part of that beautiful scene out there. Floor-to-ceiling windows is the furthest you can go and still have protection from the elements. However, as amazing and wonderful as large windows are, some trade-offs need to be considered. Here are some of the pros and cons of floor-to-ceiling glass.


• Remove the Barrier: As mentioned earlier, the bigger the window area, the more you feel included in the great outdoors' wonder. Nature is superior to our designs, and we are revitalized when we can enjoy it in comfort. The Frameless Glass Company has many great examples on its site. Having a wall of glass is an incredible effect. It brings a sense of liberty, and it promotes meditation.
• Light: Natural light is the best light, and floor-to-ceiling windows bring you that light at an extra charge day after day. It helps you save a little on your lighting bill, but it provides a great environment for plants to grow and creates an atmosphere for reading and doing creative projects.
• Value: There is no question that well-considered and properly installed floor-to-ceiling windows will increase the value of your home. They have an undeniable impact. Your realtor will be very quick to point out the features as one of their main selling points.

• Privacy: You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, people in glass houses shouldn't though stones. It is obviously a true statement, but the meaning isn't literal. What is implied is, if you have big windows, you need to be aware of what can be seen from outside. In this sense, big glass does nothing to improve your privacy, so you will need to consider curtains or other measures for confidentiality.
• Insulation: Windows are always an area of concern when you consider your home insulation. Whether you want to keep the heat out or in, windows are not always the best unless you invest in the best insulative glass. Having large windows may make your air conditioner work harder.
• Light: Light is a benefit, isn't it? What is it doing on the con side of the list? Well, light is not always what you want. There are disadvantages to having so much light. If UV light is getting through, it will deteriorate whatever it hits, which could be your furniture and flooring. It also is a distraction when watching things on screens. Even at night, outdoor lighting can be a nuisance in your home if you are trying to create a mood or to sleep.

In the long run, most people will see the benefits of floor-to-ceiling glass will outweigh the negatives, but they do need to be considered. Curtains will be more expensive and more complicated to integrate into your design. Also, it will probably be more costly than a standard wall and window setup. But the rewards will be felt in your soul and the admiration from your guests.


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