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Pros and Cons of Online Learning Platforms

2021-09-17 08:48:43 Education


If you ask a student, the fact that he does not have to wake up early and dress up for school is enough reason to love online learning. On the other hand, experts insist that online learning detaches students from their tutors and peers, eliminating the socialization element in school. Also, the platforms allow you to purchase dissertation, alongside other learning materials that make your academic life easier.

Online learning platforms come with a mixture of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how you circumvent the disadvantages and utilize the advantages to make your learning easier. Here are the pros and cons of online learning platforms.

Pros of online learning platforms

Online learning offers a chance to adopt a flexible learning schedule. It is especially helpful to students who have to work, run businesses, or have personal commitments. The online platform allows you to skip classes, for instance, during the day and catch the session at night. You do not lose on even a minute of learning.

The flexibility allows you to study at your most relaxed hour. As a result, you can do more with the same 24hrs a day compared to physical learning where you can only attend class at a particular hour. For the teacher, it improves class attendance even when all students are not available at the same time.

Learning from remote locations

Online learning platforms allow you to study wherever you are. You could be traveling or enjoying your lunch break. Simply put, you do not miss class because of traveling.
Remote learning compounds the benefits further. You can attend any college or university around the world. It is one of the benefits of making online learning the preferred mode for many colleges and students.


Online learning is the cheapest way to get the desired qualification. Courses that appeared to belong to the elite are now accessible to everyone because the cost has come down.
Cost reduction is direct and indirect. Directly, institutions price online courses cheaper than physical classes. This is because the tutors and students do not require physical facilities. At the same time, a student does not have to travel or book expensive accommodation to complete his studies. As a result, you can now learn from universities in the most expensive locations around the world without spending a fortune.

Studying in the most prestigious institutions

Every student desires to study in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. However, limited space has made it difficult to gain admission. Online learning does not require physical space. Universities and colleges are raising their enrollment numbers, affording more people a chance to study. As long as you meet the required academic standards, you can enroll and learn without worrying about the student population.

Cons of online learning platforms

Online learning platforms are not as rosy as they sound. They come with disadvantages that may compromise the quality of learning taking place. Here are some of the disadvantages of online learning platforms.

Offers less individual support

A teacher in class can recognize your weaknesses and address them instantly. Online learning assumes that every student is at the same level and will be served effectively by technology. If you are struggling, you will be on your own. The lack of physical connection makes it worse since intricate details cannot be addressed.

Lack of socialization

Online learning has taken away the socialization element in education. You do not travel to new places or meet other friends. Though you advance your studies, your circle of friends remains small. It takes the shine off your advanced learning.

Socialization in education goes beyond the passing time together. You create memories and enrich your perspective in life once you meet people from other religions and social backgrounds. It is these friends who you will join hands with to form companies or network for jobs in the future. Learning in isolation reduces the social aspect of your learning process.

Technology challenges

Technology is expensive and could compromise your participation in class. To begin with, you must have a phone and a computer. You also need headphones to listen to the lectures. Without these gadgets, your experience will be affected.

Technology may also cause you to miss some of the sessions. If your battery runs out or your headphones are damaged, you will have to forfeit the class. The requirement to download materials and use them on your own without guidance from your tutor is also a huge problem because it lengthens your learning curve.

Health challenges

Physical learning takes you to open and social places. You also do not spend all your time seated in front of a computer. With online learning, you have to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle. This will have dangerous repercussions in the future.

Online learning has received a lot of attention and prominence during the coronavirus disease pandemic era. While it has its advantages, there are disadvantages that you cannot ignore. Success with online learning will depend on how well these merits and demerits balance.


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