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New Jersey Company Developing North America’s Largest Landfill Solar Farm

2022-08-08 05:24:09 Miscellaneous


RED BANK, NJ -- Set to begin construction this summer on what will be the largest solar farm on a former landfill site in North America, CEP Renewables, LLC (, has emerged as an industry leader in redeveloping contaminated and abandoned properties into income-generating and clean-energy producing assets.

The New Jersey-based company recently announced a massive project that will transform an abandoned, contaminated landfill located in Mount Olive Township, NJ into a 25.6 MW dc solar farm that will provide clean, renewable energy for thousands of homes. It will also generate significant tax dollars and provide jobs.

“The Mount Olive project is one of the most important solar projects in North America,” said Gary Cicero, Chief Executive Officer of CEP Renewables. “It exemplifies the potential of taking contaminated properties and transforming them into environmentally safe areas that improve the quality of life for those living nearby.” Added Cicero, “This project creates jobs, boosts the local economy, turns an unproductive property into a tax-revenue producing asset for the Township, and adds a substantial amount of green electricity to the state’s portfolio.”

The Mount Olive property served as a landfill from 1966 to 1981. It was not properly closed when the owner went bankrupt and abandoned the property in the early 1980s. In 1982, the property was placed on the USEPA’s National Priorities List of Superfund sites.

If not properly capped and closed, landfills like that in Mount Olive often become environmental hazards that pollute the surrounding land. In many cases, these properties are then abandoned by their former operators, leading to the state or federal government picking up the cost to remedy any lingering contamination. Once abandoned, these properties also stop generating income for their host municipality – becoming a true burden on both the local municipality and the state.

“This is exactly what happened in Mount Olive,” said Alyssa Sarubbi, Project Manager for CEP Renewables. “As an EPA Superfund site, no one would touch it. However, like all of our projects, we saw the potential in taking this property and turning it into an asset that reduces carbon emissions, generates tax revenue, creates jobs, and improves quality of life.” Ms. Sarubbi added that, “these projects are not easy. They take a lot of time, energy, and investment to bring from inception to interconnection. But CEP has the capability, experience, and tenacity to get these projects done.”

About CEP Renewables, LLC

CEP Renewables designs, develops, and builds grid-connected utility scale photovoltaic systems. It has developed photovoltaic systems in Europe, Asia, and North America and has turned its focus on New Jersey to contribute towards Governor Murphy’s admirable Clean Energy Act of 2018. CEP utilizes its highly skilled professional team to implement complex remediation, engineering and permitting strategies that allow it to bring particularly challenging projects from conception to energization.




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