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JR Weaver’s Book ‘The Addiction Manifesto’ Is About To Hit The Shelves At Your Local Bookstore

2021-09-24 05:50:35 Business


The book is an eye opening first-hand account of the disparity of addiction and a relatable view on how to win against it.

Addiction is perhaps the biggest type of self-harm after suicide that one can inflict upon themselves. It is a deceptive enemy that lures you with a false sense of comfort and purpose and slowly fades away the light and essence of life in a person. Substance addiction is one of the most traumatizing and widely spread issues in the modern society and it keeps getting worse.

In these torrid times, we need more education and expert opinion on how to avoid and beat addiction. Even more importantly, we need empathy. The view of the people who have been to the darkest sides of addiction and substance abuse, and learn from their stories and examples in order to help ourselves or a suffering friend. One such remarkable story comes from an army veteran, ex-addict, and now a sober and successful author JR Weaver.

Weaver’s journey has been nothing less than a miraculous turnaround. He spent 20 years influenced by his substance and alcohol addiction. He lost his home, career, self-respect and went in to complete chaos. He had lost his home, friends and any real connection to a normal life. But he had a will to bounce back and have a life with purpose and control. So he bounced back and it has been four incredible years that he is sober and now working full time at his local VA hospital, helping others.

Now, he has written the whole account of his troubles and the turnaround, in his new book that’s called ‘The Addiction Manifesto”. The author realized that people who are lost, need to be shown direction and empathy. He started sharing his journey with other people and also spoke at the 2019 VetTalkX as a guest speaker. The inspiring fighter also received the honor of being 2020 International Book Awards finalist.
We spoke to Mr. Weaver as his book is coming to the local stores soon; “I was sick and tired of the lifestyle that was going to eventually kill me. I changed my lifestyle and now I want to share my story to show others that recovery is very much possible.” As per the author, the book is complete and uploaded on Ingram Sparks website. While it will be available at bookstores nationwide and beyond very soon.

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