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DBC Living Reveals Money Saving Ideas for Renters in Pennsylvania

2021-09-17 03:12:05 Business


Greensburg, PA (July 8, 2021) – In Pennsylvania, people often pay anywhere from $1,000 to $1,250 per month on rent. That is only the average. This is why real estate company DBC Living is happy to share practical tips on how renters in Pennsylvania can save money.

Renting an apartment offers a person the flexibility to move every year to get better rent prices that work for their budget. It also offers people a place to call home until they can save up enough for a down payment on the house. However, that flexibility could come at a price.

According to Apartment Guide’s Rent Report, the average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,617. That number rises to $1,909 if a person opts for a second bedroom and can be higher in some rental markets. Further, it doesn’t account for other expenses such as utilities they may be responsible for when renting. Luckily, DBC Living shares different practical and efficient ways renters can save on their rent when signing a lease.

Normally, landlords in PA often like stability. They would rather have one tenant over six years than six different ones every year. Many works go into the latter scenario, as they will have to do viewings, get the place cleaned, and handle more paperwork. That’s why most landlords will give discounts if interested renters sign longer leases. Hence, DBC Living suggests that anyone seeking places now should consider signing on for longer than a few months or just a year.

Further, rent is perhaps a person’s biggest monthly expenditure. Hence, it’s important to ask the landlord or rental agency if there are potential ways to minimize the monthly rent. Sometimes, a landlord or rental agency might lower the monthly rent or give a person a free month for every extra year they agree to lease. Another good choice is to pre-pay the rent. Most lessors will accept a much lower total amount if their renters can pay six months upfront instead of the first of every month.

One of the simplest ways to save money on apartments for rent in Greensburg, PA, is to divide the total amount. Some websites function as classified ads with a shared housing area where one can find a house searching for a roommate. They often have other people searching for someone else to find a place with. The great advantage of having a roommate is one can often live in a bigger place that they would be able on their own.
Since 2008, DBC Living has served the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina regions in offering a better and greater quality of living for a reasonable price. Their goal is to make their residents love where they live, feel comfortable, and enjoy a positive community.

According to a spokesperson from DBC Living, “Despite the change to rent affordability, more Americans still prefer to rent. If you have small job security, know you might not stay in the same place for two years, or are not financially prepared to purchase a home, renting is perhaps the best decision. However, only because you are renting does not imply you cannot use that time to enhance your credit or save up for a down payment.”
Before committing to an apartment, DBC Living recommends spending time researching options and finding ways to keep more money in the pocket. Interested renters should be extra cautious of the location and negotiate the rental rate with the landlord or property manager.

About DBC Living
DBC Living is committed to enhancing the lives of people through real estate. Everything they do is intended to serve the people within their community. The company strives to offer the best quality of living for a reasonable price to its residents. They are composed of a team dedicated to the success of their community and residents. DBC Living also takes pride in making a positive societal impact socially and environmentally on sustaining a better future together.

For more details about DBC Living, visit their official website at to find affordable apartments in Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

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