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StormVape.Org launches comprehensive advocacy organization

2021-09-17 02:32:13 Business


Lancaster, Pa. – founder Justin Bailey announced the launch of an immersive vaping advocacy organization Friday aiming to enthusiastically promote and defend the availability and protection of the worldwide vaping community.

Its goal is to replace cigarette smoking with certified vaping products that are high-standard and scientifically authenticated. Our mission is to replace cigarette smoking with these products and provide a better, smoke-free future by supporting manufacturers and vape shops by standing ready to fight legislation that would harm the vaping community.

Friday’s launch is the first step of plans to create a merchandise store, add educational tools and resources, invest in a campaign of our own to allow everyone’s voices to be heard and more. As we build relationships, we have set our sights on e-liquid distributors, manufacturers, other advocacy groups and vape shops around the globe.

Bailey, an Iraq war veteran injured in the line of service, knows the difference that vaping can make firsthand. In an attempt to alleviate the stress while serving, he began smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, a habit that continued when he returned home, until he found a local vape shop. As an alternative, vaping has allowed Bailey to kick cigarettes, which he has not touched in years, and strengthen his mental health.

“I truly believe, and my doctors at the VA agree, that vaping has had a profound positive impact on my health,” Bailey said. “A lot of combat veterans smoke and it's scientifically proven that cigarettes are detrimental to your health. By avoiding tobacco, you can change your outlook on life. I am very passionate about this topic and it has led me to create to help lead the charge in fighting back against those that want to ban, tax and force unnecessary regulations on something that is proven to be a harm reduction tool.”

Our main objectives include harm reduction, maintaining flavors, fighting taxation, regulation and legislation and providing access. Further details of these objectives can be found on the newly created website that features the latest news, information, educational resources and a multitude of ways to get involved in the fight for vaping rights.

In addition to the website, those wanting to join the cause are encouraged to follow @StormVape_org on Twitter and @stormvapeorg on Instagram to connect to the growing community. Over the coming months, will look to grow along with sponsors and partners to promote the availability, protection and awareness of vaping worldwide.

About was launched on July 1, 2021 by former combat United States Soldier Justin Bailey as a vaping advocacy organization that vigorously promotes and defends the availability and protection of the vaping community worldwide for consumers. Bailey is an Iraq war veteran that served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 before he was injured in the line of duty. As a former cigarette smoker, he is leading the charge in fighting back against those that want to ban, tax and force unnecessary regulations on something that is proven to be a harm reduction tool.



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