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2022-08-10 06:31:40 Business


Technology has come a long way and is now being used to optimize the real estate business for both realtors and clients. With the increase in services such as 3D photography for real estate listings and virtual tours, traditional open houses and showings have become less of a necessity. With the vivid imagery of 3D photography for real estate and home video tours, clients can now get the most accurate depiction of a listing through photographs or video. This helps clients easily identify properties they are actually interested in based on images and virtual tours.
If you are in real estate and considering using technologies such as home video tours, it is important to understand the options available and how they differ from one another.
3D Matterport vs. Walkthrough Video Tours
Matterport has quickly become the technology of choice for virtual house tours. But how exactly does it differ from walk-through video tours? Here are some of the key differences between 3D Matterport house tours and walkthrough video tours.
One of the key differences between a Matterport home video tour and a walkthrough video is the coverage. The immersive 360 coverage of Matterport virtual tours enables the clients to not just view the house but also experience it in 3D as if they are walking through it. Matterport’s advanced technology creates an immersive experience that differs from a walkthrough video tour. In terms of creating a real experience of the property, 3D technology offers the client a better experience and more viewing options.
Ease of Use
Both Matterport and walkthrough video tours can be viewed from anywhere. However, since Matterport technology is more advanced, it can be viewed from a host of devices and on various platforms making it a more suitable option if you want to have a wider reach. Matterport 3D tours allow customers to walk through a house virtually while still being able to see all the intricate details. Since Matterport tours also allow the realtor to highlight areas of interest, it is possible to draw the client's attention to salient features by having them highlighted in the tour.
Due to the shooting time and coverage involved, in most cases, Matterport virtual tours cost more to create compared to walkthrough home videos. However, the difference between the cost and the return on investment in terms of selling more properties often covers the extra cost of a 3D virtual tour of your property. Most realtors find that 3D virtual tours help them convert prospects much faster leading to more closed deals.
Other Benefits of Virtual Home Video Tours
• Cost-effective: Virtual tours can be shared countless times with as many prospects as possible. This makes them one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market properties widely.
• Save on time: The immersive experience of a 3D virtual tour reduces the need for open houses and in-person showings. It creates a quick and easy way to qualify leads for the realtor. This helps both the realtor and the client. The client gets to view as many property options as they like from the comfort of their home while the realtor does not have to schedule countless showings.

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