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AGC Launches B. Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2022-01-24 09:30:14 Education


To bridge the gap between Academia and industry and keep the students updated with the latest technology, Amritsar Group of Colleges, Amritsar has recently introduced a new course.
The course has been launched in the field of B. Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The course has been launched keeping in mind the advancement of top emerging technologies globally.
Also, B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Punjab has been introduced keeping in mind the demand in the advancement of technology, human intelligence in machinery, and simulation of human intelligence in machines and also students can take up the research and exceptional engineer.
This is not a traditional computer science engineering course, but it combines Artificial intelligence with CS core with machine learning and human intelligence with a future view that computing systems will have a wide future in the upcoming years.
AGC took Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning initiative will be serving as a platform to discuss challenges, barriers for Artificial Intelligence research and development collaboration.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI&MI) is the simulation of human intelligence practices by machines, especially computer systems and circuits. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, and computer vision. AI programming focuses mainly on three intellectual skills: learning, reasoning, and self-correction.
Although the massive amount of data created every day can overwhelm human researchers, artificial intelligence applications that use machine learning can capture this data and quickly turn it into actionable information. At the time of writing, the main disadvantage of using AI is the high cost of processing the large amounts of data required for AI programming.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Courses in India will help students to opt for careers such as Software Developer, Machine Learning Developer, Scientist at Oracle, Simulation Expert, and Expert in Coding & Hacking.
AGC Amritsar is well known for its industrial connections with renowned companies for placements. This year many companies made an offer with the highest package of Rs. 40 lakh.

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